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Purchasing & Renovating a BISF House (Our Stories)  

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This was the beginning of what turned out to be a great post which was first started by Senior Member Ed in 2011.

Bellow is an extract of Ed's initial post, which is packed full of useful information that is still relevant to any BISF Homeowner today.

To view the full post and some of the help that Ed received, please visit the link below.

Ed Ralph

8th November 2011

I am buying a BISF house, and would appreciate hearing about the experiences of people who live in BISF houses.

I suspect that whatever insulation there is in the external walls is poor by today's standards, so I was thinking of improving it by taking off the plasterboard inside, putting in insulation and then replacing the plasterboard. This should be fairly straightforward and inexpensive compared with external insulation (which I also think makes a bit of a mess of the look of the house).

My concern is reports that this may cause condensation problems for the steel structure or cladding. Does anyone have experience of internal insulation?

Link to main post

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