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identification house in New Haw (Addlestone)  



Hello everyone,

I didn't find any information about the area New Haw (Addlestone) close to Woking on this forum so I ask 🙂

Indeed on the map check, nothing, on archives, nothing …. so I wonder if someone knows something about them.

I wanted to know the structure of steel frame can be (drawing), the roof I know because accessible but the rest I don't know and before to touch it to check and repair if need it, I prefer to have advices and information about it.

I want to do an extension exactly like the one on galleries.

forum  newhaw


many thanks for your help.

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Hello dbrusty and welcome,

Thank you for letting us know that New Haw was not listed in the database. I have now added the location and local street names to the list.

If you search through the forums and some of our website posts you should see plenty of information and photographs regarding the internal framework of BISF houses.

When we first saw the extension that you refer to above it really was a surprise as we have never seen a raised extension like this before on a British Iron & Steel Federation house. We do not know who actually built this extension nor do we know when it was built, but it is unlikely to be original to the house. Saying that though,the external cladding and roofing material does appear to be closely match the existing house.

This design is very unusual to say the least and it is the only one of this type that we have seen in the country to date. You would also need to find out if your local planning department and inspectorate would consider passing such a plan if you were to submit one today. Unfortunately we do not deal with planning proposals or regulations.

It might be worth making a visit to your local planning department with a couple of the gallery images to ask for initial advice regarding the feasibility of this type of extension first, before you start spending money. 

Have you seen any of our images showing the exposed framework of a BISF House?




many thanks Marc,

I sent today to the planning people my proposal and we will see.

Yes I saw some images (not very nice to be honest) and I hope will be OK.

do you think all these houses need all to be repared (1948 i think) and what is an average cost usally ?

the roof looks OK easy to control but inside the wall need to damage it to see it.

my question about drawings for example is because I don't understand the structure on the ground floor, I imagine a light fondation, the frame on it then the concret but until where ?




optimises bisf house frame (8)
optimises bisf house frame (7)
optimises bisf house frame (2)
optimised bisf house frame (5) 200214043429
optimised bisf house frame (4) 200214043420
optimised bisf house frame (3) 200214043409
optimised bisf house frame (2) 200214043354
optimises bisf house frame (8)

I've also added a new gallery showing a BISF with all the original cladding and render removed, exposing the frame of the house.

Gallery Link


excellent, many thanks, very clear, good pictures 👍 👍


stupid question, does people replaced the L section by stainless steel or new profil galvanised on modern prefab steel ?


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