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IP9 steel frame house  



Hi, I am trying to remortgage and need to know what kind of steel frame my house is made of. Can anyone help please? Postcode is ip9 1nw

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Hello Tasha,

Thank you for providing a link to the property and location.

From what I can see, I strongly sudpect the property to be a Trusteel 3m house, however it would only be possible to confirm this by looking at the roof support structure from inside the loft.

Are you able to access this space in order to take couple of photographs by any chance?



@bisfad Many thanks for the quick reply. Yes i will be able to send photos shortly. Natasha


Here's a few examples of a similar Trusteel 3m property from Sawston in Cambridgeshire.

Trusteel Princess Drive  Sawston (6)
trusteel 3m wide
trusteel sawston
trusteel 3m Ashley Way, Sawston   758352


steel frame

Is this any good?


That's perfect Tasha.

I now confirm 100% that it is a Trusteel construction. Your version their is commonly referred to a Trusteel 3M as suspected.

Here's a couple of links, the first is regarding the 3m and the second is the earlier Trusteel MKII version. I have posted both links as they do share quite a lot of history.

Trusteel 3m

Trusteel MkII

Hope this helps and good luck with your re-mortgage. Just try to ensure that any surveyor who attends to appraise or value the property is familiar with this type of build as not all are. This can help your application to progress far more smoothly and also avoids the property being classified incorrectly, listed as defective or wrongly stating that the property requires a repair certificate before it would be considered for lending purposes (It is neither defective nor does it require a repair certificate).

Also, if your thinking of changing mortgage provider, make sure you choose a provider that lends against non Tradional constructions, including steel framed properties. You can usually find this in the providers lending criteria, which is usually published online.



That is brilliant thanks Marc ? 

You're very welcome Tasha ? 

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