Completing the external refurb

I have ripped the inside of my house out. Fireplace gone. Built a new wall in the larger front bedroom close to the edge of the window knocking down the wall in the little room to create a decent size room where you can fit a four foot double now.

All internal walls removed to the external and filled with 200mm rockwool followed by insulated backed plasterboard skimmed and decorated.

Externally I have rendered the bottom half of the house and painted the top. Later next year I will be making the ground floor of the house completely open plan. Watch for the pictures. It will be a challenge as I will be installing additional steels to help the support of the small depth floor joists above.

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  1. Thebestscaff, it Sounds like you’ve been very very busy in your home, making some very fundamental changes to your house.

    I can’t wait to see some of the results.

    I think the beauty of working on a BISF House, is the ability to re-structure quite easily due to the inner stud walls as opposed to it being a brick house where such changes would require major structural undertakings.

    Have you come across any major obstacles during your refurb?

    I look forward to seeing more images of your layout changes too.

    Great work and the outside looks great too.


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