After 7 years of self funding and providing free help and support to owners of BISF and other non-traditional houses, BISF is now closed.

My gratitude to those who sought our assistance and were kind enough to thank us for our efforts. Sadly, many did not even respond with the most basic courtesy of a simple reply or acknowledgement.
Should this site ever return, we will impose a small membership fee which may deter those devoid of the most basic manners from using the site in the future.

I am proud to say that this community made a real change in the awareness and perceptions once held toward these unique properties, dispelling rumour and supposition in the process.

A huge thank you to those who did contribute. Your excellent posts and projects were a great contribution to the community and I truly appreciate your time and effort.

Particular thanks to Ed who has remained a valuable, long term member and huge contributor to this community.

I wish you all well in the future



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