List of Precast Concrete Houses by Build Type

The reference number listed in front of each house type, is the B.R.E (Building Research Establishment) identification reference for this property type.
The B.R.E produce printed reports for some of these house types can purchase from the B.R.E website.

P001 Adams H1
P002 Adams HVA3
P003 Airey
P004 Alcrete
P005 AMcK
P006 Anglia Type A
P007 Argyll
P008 Arrow
P009 Atlas Stone
P010 Ayrshire County Council
P011 Balency
P012 Balfour Beatty
P013 Bates 4L
P014 Battery Cast
P016 BDG
P017 Beanland No 2
P018 Belfry
P019 Bellrock
P020 Bison Crosswall
P021 Bison Wall Frame
P022 Blackborrow
P023 Blackburn
P024 Blackburn Orlit
P025 Boot Beaucrete
P026 Boot Pier and Panel
P027 Broadmead
P028 BRS L-shaped panels
P029 Bryant Low Rise
P030 Bryant Low Rise System 4
P031 Building Systems Ltd
P032 Camus
P033 Carlton
P034 Channello
P035 Cheecol Keeland
P036 Concept 4
P037 Concrete Houses Ltd
P038 Cornish Flush Panel
P039 Cornish Unit Type I
P040 Cornish Unit Type II
P041 Cosmos
P042 Costain
P043 Crosby
P044 Dalcot
P045 Domkonstruado
P046 Dorran
P047 Dyke CCC
P048 East Knowle Special
P049 Fairweather
P050 Falcon
P051 Farlington Special
P052 Fram
P053 Glasgow Foamed Slag
P054 GLE
P055 Gregory
P056 Gregory Industrialised
P057 Hamish Cross Type I
P058 Hamish Cross Type II
P059 Hardy
P060 HDC
P061 Hertsmere Special
P062 Hexham Special
P063 Howells
P065 Industricon

P066 Jansel
P067 Jespersen 12M
P068 Kenkast
P069 Ketton
P070 Kincorth Mk III
P071 Kingsthorne Special
P072 Lecaplan Type A
P073 Lecaplan Type B
P074 Lightning Construction
P075 Lilleshall
P076 Livett-Cartwright
P077 Loudon Mk II
P078 Mac-Girling
P079 Malthouse
P080 Marley
P081 MeTraCon
P082 MFC
P083 Minniel
P084 MOD Special
P085 Modus
P086 Morrell
P087 Myton
P088 Natcon
P089 NCB
P090 Newland
P091 Orlit Type I
P092 Orlit Type II
P093 Orlit-Bellrock
P094 Parkinson
P095 Pemcrete
P096 Permabuilt
P097 Perma-Erecta
P098 Potters Bar Special
P099 Reema Conclad
P100 Reema Contrad
P101 Reema Hollow Panel
P102 Russell Leighton
P103 SB2
P104 Simplified Brickwork
P105 Siporex 6M
P106 Skarne
P107 Smith
P108 SNW
P109 Spacemaker
P110 Stent
P111 Stewart & Partners Type I
P112 Stewart & Partners Type II
P113 Stonecrete
P114 Stubbings Industrialised
P115 Tarran Temporary Bungalow
P116 Taylor Woodrow-Anglian
P117 Tee Beam
P118 Thornwall
P119 Token
P120 Tracoba Low Rise
P121 Truscon RD 27
P122 Ulster Cottage
P123 Underdown
P124 Uniment
P125 Unit-Built
P126 Unitroy

P127 Unity Type I
P128 Unity Type II
P129 Waller
P130 Wates
P131 Webb
P132 Wessex
P133 West’s 5M
P134 Whitson-Fairhurst
P135 Wil-Mac
P136 Wilvan
P137 Winget
P138 Woolaway
P139 Woolaways Bungalow
P140 XW
AP001 Addison
AP002 Allbetong
AP003 Andrews
AP004 Artmet
AP005 Barvis
AP006 Beale & Son
AP007 Bison Trimline
AP008 Bonding Block System
AP009 British Craft Homes
AP010 Cebus
AP011 Cemacrete
AP012 Clugston Cawood
AP013 Coignet
AP014 Concrete Utilities
AP015 Davis
AP016 Dudley Coles
AP017 Halls Mk III
AP018 Hardie
AP019 Hayes Interlock
AP020 Incon
AP021 Kent
AP022 Keylock
AP023 Kingston
AP024 Locarn
AP025 Luton
AP026 Maycrete
AP027 Neale
AP028 Oakridge
AP030 Palmer
AP031 Panelwall
AP032 Pearce
AP033 Pentagon
AP034 Plysyl Bungalow
AP035 Poolman
AP036 Prefacto
AP037 Rationalised Housing
AP038 RB2
AP039 Ridgeway
AP040 Ross
AP041 Shingleton Conslab
AP042 Simmcast
AP043 Speyroc
AP044 Strongman
AP045 Trentrox
AP046 Unit System
AP047 Weedon
AP048 Western System
AP049 WL Ring
AP050 Young RW
AP051 Ytong

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