Local Authority Non Traditional Housing Stock Lists

We have compiled an extensive list of  all Non-Traditionally constructed housing stock currently held by local authorities in the United Kingdom.

This list has has taken many hours of research to compile and we are still awaiting responses from a number of respondents which will be updated as they are received.

Where stock has been transferred to another body, we endeavour to provide details of ownership, however  these organisations are not required to provide details of their housing stock under Freedom of Information requests.

We hope you find this information useful.


CouncilAreaDirect Download Links
Aberdeen City CouncilScotlandAberdeen city non trads
Aberdeenshire CouncilScotlandNon Trad List
Accent Group HousingShipleyRefused
Adur District CouncilS EastRequires Clarification
Allerdale Borough CouncilN WestNot Held - Stock transferred
Amber Valley Borough CouncilE MidsStock transferred to Futures
Homescape Ltd
Angus CouncilScotlandAngus council non trads
Antrim and Newtownabbey BoroughN.IrelandNot Held
Ards Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Argyll and Bute CouncilScotlandStock Transferred to Argyll
Community Housing Association
Armagh City and District CouncilN.Ireland
Arun District CouncilS EastARUN DC nontrad Houses
Ashfield District CouncilE MidsAshfield council
Ashford Borough CouncilS EastAshford BC Non Trads
Aylesbury Vale District CouncilS EastStock Transferred to Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust
Babergh District CouncilEast
Ballymena Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Ballymoney Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Banbridge District CouncilN.Ireland
Barnsley Metropolitan Borough CouncilYork/HumbBarnsley Non Trad construction
Barrow-in-Furness Borough CouncilN West
Basildon Borough CouncilEastBasildon Non Trad properties
Basingstoke and Deane Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Bassetlaw District CouncilE MidsPartial response-Property Construction 2
Bath and North East Somerset CouncilS WestNOT HELD
stock was transferred to Somer
Community Housing Trust (now Curo) there were 971 Non-traditional
properties, they appear to have been BISF properties, Airey Construction,
Woolaway Houses, Wimpey No Fines, Unity Flats, Unity Houses, Cornish
Flats and Houses and Swedish Timber.
Bedford Council (Unitary)EastCornish Type (I) PRC 59 Unity Type (II) PRC 38 Cross Wall 56
Wimpy No Fines 70
Belfast City CouncilN.Ireland
Birmingham City CouncilW MidsREFUSED DUE TO COST
Blaby District CouncilE MidsNOT HELD
Blackburn with Darwen Borough CouncilN WestStock transferred to Twin Valley Homes/The Together Housing Group
Blackpool Borough CouncilN WestBlackpool non trads Extra Response

Blackpool Non Trads
Blaenau Gwent County Borough CouncilWalesBlaenau Gwent County BC Non Trads
Blaenau Gwent County Borough CouncilBlaenau GwentBlaenau Gwent County BC Non Trads 2
Bolsover District CouncilE MidsNone built
Bolton Metropolitan Borough CouncilN WestNOT HELD
Stock Transfer to BOLTON HOMES
Borough of BroxbourneEastNOT HELD
Borough of PooleS WestAwaiting Response
Boston Borough CouncilE MidsStock Transferred to Boston Mayflower
Bournemouth Borough CouncilS WestNOT HELD
Bracknell Forest CouncilS East
Bradford Metropolitan District CouncilYork/HumbStock transferred to Incommunities
Braintree District CouncilEastStock Transferred to Greenfields Community Housing
Breckland District CouncilEast
Brentwood Borough CouncilEastLimited response - There are 28 Unity construction flats at Broad Meadow, Kelvedon Hatch,
Brentwood, Essex.

There are 18 Unity/Airey houses at All Saints Close, Doddinghurst,
Brentwood, Essex (pre-cast concrete constructions)
Bridgend County Borough CouncilWalesStock Transferred to Valleys to Coast
Brighton and Hove City CouncilS EastBrighton and Hove Non Trads
Bristol City CouncilS WestNon Trad Dwellings bristol
Broadland District CouncilEast
Bromsgrove District CouncilW MidsNOT HELD
Broxtowe Borough CouncilE MidsTrusteel - 15
Unity - 39
No Fines - 48
No locations given
Buckinghamshire County CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Burnley Borough CouncilN West
Bury Metropolitan Borough CouncilN WestBury MBC NON TRADS
Caerphilly County Borough CouncilWalesCaerphilly County Borough Council
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilYork/HumbNOT HELD
Cambridge City CouncilEastCambridge Council Housing Types
Cambridgeshire County CouncilEast
Cannock Chase District CouncilW MidsCannock Chase prc
Canterbury City CouncilS EastCanterbury City Non standard construction
Cardiff CouncilWalesCardiff non trads
Carlisle City CouncilN West
Carmarthenshire County CouncilWalesCarmarthenshire non trads
Carrickfergus Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Castle Point Borough CouncilEastCastle Point Non Traditional Property Build Type JAN 17
Castlereagh Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Central Bedfordshire CouncilEast
Ceredigion County CouncilWalesStock transferred to Tai Ceredigion
Charnwood Borough CouncilE MidsCBC Non TradsVillage and Street 2017 03 27
Chelmsford City CouncilEastNo Response
Cheltenham Borough CouncilS WestCheltenham Non Trad Build List May 2016
Cherwell District CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Cheshire East Council (Unitary)N West
Cheshire West and Chester CouncilN WestRequires Clarification
Chesterfield Borough CouncilE MidsChesterfield non trads
Chichester District CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Chiltern District CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Stock transferred
Chorley CouncilN West
Christchurch Borough CouncilS WestStock Transferred to Twynham Housing
City of Lincoln CouncilE MidsLincoln cc non trads
City of LondonLondonNOT HELD
City of WestminsterLondon
City of York CouncilYork/Humb
Clackmannanshire CouncilScotlandClackmannanshire Council, non trads
Colchester Borough CouncilEastColchester Non Trads 2017 R
Coleraine Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Comhairle nan Eilean SiarOuter HebridesComhairle nan Eilean Siar non trads
Conwy County Borough CouncilWalesNOT HELD Stock Transferred to Cartrefi Conwy
Cookstown District CouncilN.Ireland
Copeland Borough CouncilN West
Corby Borough CouncilE Mids
Cornwall Council (Unitary)S WestCornwall Housing response 2
Cotswold District CouncilS WestStock Transferred - not given
Coventry City CouncilW MidsNOT HELD Stock Transferred to Whitefriars Housing
Craigavon Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Craven District CouncilYork/HumbNOT HELD
Crawley Borough CouncilS EastCrawley BC Non Trads Feb 2017
Cumbria County CouncilN WestNOT HELD
Dacorum CouncilEast
Darlington Borough CouncilN EastDarlington Non standard construction
Dartford Borough CouncilS EastDartford Property List 20161007
Daventry District CouncilE MidsStock Transferred to Daventry and District Housing Association
Denbighshire County CouncilWalesNOT HELD
Stock transferred
Derby City CouncilE MidsDerby Homes-nontrads
Derbyshire County CouncilE MidsNOT HELD
Derbyshire Dales District CouncilE MidsNOT HELD
Stock transferred to Daleds Housing
Derry City CouncilN.Ireland
Devon County CouncilS WestNOT HELD
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough CouncilYork/Humb
Dorset County CouncilS WestNOT HELD by County Council
Held by https://www.dorsetforyou.com/housing
Dover District CouncilS East73 Dorlonco
30 Timber Frame
26 Quickbuild
40 Llewellyn
60 No fines
Down District CouncilN.Ireland
Dudley Metropolitan Borough CouncilW Mids
Dumfries and Galloway CouncilScotlandStock Transferred to Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership
Dundee City CouncilScotland [pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/dundee-city-council-non-trad-stock.pdf" title="dundee city council non trad stock"]
Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Durham County CouncilN EastStock transferred to multiple agencies-see file Durham Council
East Ayrshire CouncilScotlandEast Ayrshire
East Cambridgeshire District CouncilEast
East Devon District CouncilS West[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/East-Devon-non-trads.pdf" title="East Devon non trads"]
East Dorset District CouncilS WestNOT HELD Stock transferred to Sovereign Housing Group
East Dunbartonshire CouncilScotland
East Hampshire District CouncilS EastStock Transferred Radian Hosing
East Hertfordshire District CouncilEast
East Lindsey District CouncilE MidsNOT HELD
East Lothian CouncilScotland[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/East-Lothian.pdf" title="East Lothian"]
East Northamptonshire CouncilE MidsNOT HELD
East Renfrewshire CouncilScotlandEast East Renfrewshire
East Riding of Yorkshire CouncilYork/Humb[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/East-Riding-of-Yorkshire-Council-Non-Traditional-build.pdf" title="East Riding of Yorkshire Council-Non Traditional build"]
East Staffordshire Borough CouncilW Mids
East Sussex County CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Eastbourne Borough CouncilS EastEastbourne dc non trad stock
Eastleigh Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Eden District CouncilN WestClarification required
Edinburgh City CouncilScotlandEdinburgh non trads
Elmbridge Borough CouncilS EastNo Response
Epping Forest District CouncilEastEpping Forest non trads
Epsom and Ewell Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Erewash Borough CouncilE MidsStock transferred to EMH Homes
Essex County CouncilEastClarification Required
Exeter City CouncilS West
Falkirk CouncilScotlandFalkirk Council
Fareham Borough CouncilS EastList of defective propertiesFareham Properties defective 1985 act
Fenland District CouncilEast
Fermanagh District CouncilN.Ireland
Fife CouncilScotlandFife non trads
Flintshire County CouncilWalesNo Response
Forest Heath District CouncilEastStock Transferred to https://www.flagship-homes.co.uk/contact...
Forest of Dean District CouncilS WestStock Transferred to Two Rivers
Fylde Borough CouncilN West
Gateshead Housing CompanyGatesheadGateshead housing non trads
Gateshead Metropolitan Borough CouncilN East
Gedling Borough CouncilE MidsNOT HELD
Glasgow City CouncilScotlandStock Transferred Glasgow Housing Assoc
Gloucester City CouncilS WestNOT HELD
transferred to
Gloucester City Homes on 16th March 2015.
Gloucestershire County CouncilS West
Gosport Borough CouncilS East
Gravesham Borough CouncilS EastMarkham Housing Lists
Great Yarmouth Borough CouncilEast
Guildford Borough CouncilS East[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Guildford-non-trad-housing-FOI.pdf" title="Guildford non trad housing FOI"]
Gwynedd County CouncilWalesNOT HELD Suggest Contact Cartrefi Cymunedol Gwynedd
Halton Borough CouncilN West
Hambleton District CouncilYork/HumbNOT HELD
Hampshire County CouncilS East
Harborough District CouncilE MidsNOT HELD
Harlow District CouncilEastNot Held - Alt Response givenHarlow response
Harrogate Borough CouncilYork/HumbHarrogate NonTrads
Hart District CouncilS East
Hartlepool Borough CouncilN EastNOT HELD
Stock transferred to Housing Hartlepool
Hastings Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
transferred to Amicus Horizon
Havant Borough CouncilS East
Herefordshire CouncilW MidsNOT HELD
Hertfordshire County CouncilEastNOT HELD at County Level
Hertsmere Borough CouncilEastNOT HELD
Hexhamshire and District CouncilNone Held
High Peak Borough CouncilE MidsHigh Peak BC
Highland CouncilScotlandHighland council Non Trads
Hinckley and Bosworth Borough CouncilE MidsHinckley and Bosworth non trads
Homes for NorthumberlandNorthumberlandNo Response
Horsham District CouncilS EastStock Transferred
Hull City CouncilHullHull Preston Road Programme.XLS

Hull Apr 13.XLS

Hull Non Standard Const.XLS
Huntingdonshire District CouncilEast
Hyndburn Borough CouncilN WestStok transferred to Hyndburn Homes
Inverclyde CouncilScotlandNOT HELD
Ipswich Borough CouncilEastDownload
Isle of Anglesey County CouncilWalesIsle of Anglesey
Isle of Wight CouncilS EastNone Held
Isles of ScillyS WestNONE
Kent County CouncilS EastAs County Council, no records held.
Kettering Borough CouncilE Midskettering
King's Lynn and West Norfolk Borough CouncilEast
Kingston-upon-Hull City CouncilYork/Humb
Kirklees CouncilYork/HumbRequires clarification
Knowsley Metropolitan Borough CouncilN West
Lancashire County CouncilN West
Lancaster City CouncilN West
Larne Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Leeds City CouncilYork/HumbLeeds -City-Council-Non Standard Construction Housing
Leicester City CouncilE MidsLEICESTER CITY NON TRADS
Leicestershire County CouncilE Mids
Lewes District CouncilS EastLewes dc non trads
Lichfield District CouncilW MidsStock Transferred
Limavady Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Lincolnshire County CouncilE MidsNOT HELD at County Level
Lisburn City CouncilN.IrelandINFORMATION HELD BY Northern Ireland Housing Executive
Liverpool City CouncilN West
London Borough of Barking and DagenhamLondon
London Borough of BarnetLondon
London Borough of BexleyLondonStock Transferred to Orion 1998
London Borough of BrentLondon
London Borough of BromleyLondon
London Borough of CamdenLondonClarification Required
London Borough of CroydonLondon
London Borough of EalingLondon
London Borough of EnfieldLondonEnfield NonTraditional Construction
London Borough of HackneyLondonAwaiting Response
London Borough of Hammersmith & FulhamLondon
London Borough of HaringeyLondon
London Borough of HarrowLondon[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Harrow-Non-Trads.pdf" title="Harrow Non Trads"]
London Borough of HaveringLondon
London Borough of HillingdonLondonREFUSED
London Borough of HounslowLondonAwaiting Response
London Borough of IslingtonLondonislington bc
London Borough of LambethLondon
London Borough of LewishamLondonSE13 51 -SE14 346 -SE23 566 -SE26 471
SE6 64 -SE8 1485
Grand Total 2983
London Borough of MertonLondon
London Borough of NewhamLondonRe Sent
London Borough of RedbridgeLondonRedbridge Non Trads
London Borough of Richmond upon ThamesLondon
London Borough of SouthwarkLondonNOT HELD
London Borough of SuttonLondonHeld BUT PROPERTY NAMES N/K
London Borough of Tower HamletsLondonTower Hamlets non traditional Housing Stock
London Borough of Waltham ForestLondonWaltham forest non trad stock
London Borough of WandsworthLondonCornish (Flats) – 6
Wates (Houses) - 36
Luton Borough CouncilEastLuton Non Trad Housing Stock 1.1
Magherafelt District CouncilN.Ireland
Maidstone Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Stocktransferred to Golding Homes
Maldon District CouncilEastStock Transferred to Moat Housing
Malvern Hills District CouncilW MidsNOT HELD Stock transferred to Fortis Living
Manchester City CouncilN West
Mansfield District CouncilE Mids
Medway CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Melton Borough CouncilE MidsClarification Required
Mendip District CouncilS WestStock transferred to Aster
Merthyr Tydfil County Borough CouncilWales
Mid Devon District CouncilS Westmid devon non trads
Mid Suffolk District CouncilEastNOT HELD
Mid Sussex District CouncilS EastStock Transferred
Middlesbrough Borough CouncilN EastNOT HELD Stock transferred to Thirteen Group
Midlothian CouncilScotlandMidloithian
Milton KeynesS EastRequires Clarification
Ministry of Defence6711 Service Family Accommodation (SFA) properties that are of non-traditional
construction and there is no SFA in King Georges Field, Stow on the Wold.
Mole Valley District CouncilS EastStock Transferred to Circle Housing Mole Valley
Monmouthshire County CouncilWalesNone Held
Moray CouncilScotlandMoray Non Traditional Builds
Moyle District CouncilN.Ireland
Neath Port Talbot County Borough CouncilWalesStock Transferred to NPT Homes
New Forest District CouncilS EastAwaiting Result
Newark and Sherwood District CouncilE Mids
Newcastle-Under-Lyme District CouncilW MidsNon traditional housing lists
Newcastle-upon-Tyne City CouncilN East
Newport City CouncilWales
Newry and Mourne District CouncilN.IrelandNon Trads List
Newtownabbey Borough CouncilN.Ireland
Norfolk County CouncilEastNOT HELD
North Ayrshire CouncilScotlandNorth Ayrshire
North Devon CouncilS WestNOT HELD
North Dorset District CouncilS West
North Down Borough CouncilN.Ireland
North East Combined AuthorityNorth EastNOT HELD
North East Derbyshire District CouncilE MidsStock transferred to Rykneld Homes
North East Lincolnshire CouncilYork/Humb[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Humberston-Fitties-HER-Entries.pdf" title="Humberston Fitties HER Entries"]

[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/NELC-HER-Timber-Framed-Buildings.pdf" title="NELC HER Timber Framed Buildings"]
North Hertfordshire District CouncilEastHeld but not provided
North Kesteven District CouncilE Mids
North Lanarkshire CouncilScotland
North Lincolnshire CouncilYork/HumbStock Transferred Ongo/ North Linlolnshire homes
North Norfolk District CouncilEastNOT HELD
North Somerset CouncilS WestStock Transferred to Alliance Homes
North Tyneside Metropolitan Borough CouncilN East[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/North-tyneside-non-trads.doc.pdf" title="North tyneside non trads.doc"]
North Warwickshire Borough CouncilW MidsNOT HELD
North West Leicestershire District CouncilE MidsNW Leicestershire non trads
North Yorkshire County CouncilYork/HumbNOT HELD by County Council
Northampton Borough CouncilE Mids
Northumberland Council &#40 Unitary&#41N East
Northwards Housing
Housing Association
Northwards Non trad properties 2
Norwich City CouncilEastPartial Response
Norwich city council
Nottingham City CouncilE MidsNottingham non trads(1)
Nottinghamshire County CouncilE Mids
Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough CouncilW MidsClarification required, limited results
Nuneaton and Bedworth non trads
Oadby and Wigston District CouncilE MidsNOT HELD
Oldham Metropolitan Borough CouncilN West
Omagh District CouncilN.Ireland
Orkney Islands CouncilScotlandNO STOCK
Oxford City CouncilS EastOXFORD14oct16 (1)
Oxfordshire County CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Pembrokeshire County CouncilWaleshttps://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/384908/response/942139/attach/html/3/Response%20combined.pdf.html
Pendle Borough CouncilN West
Perth and Kinross CouncilScotlandPerth and Kinross non trads
Peterborough City CouncilEastStock Transferred to Cross Keys Homes
Plymouth City CouncilS WestNOT HELD
Portsmouth City CouncilS EastPortsmouth council BISF stock
Powys County CouncilWales
Preston City CouncilN WestStock transferred to Community Gateway Association
Purbeck District CouncilS WestStock Transferred to Synergy Purbeck
Reading Borough CouncilS EastReading BC Non Trads
Redcar and Cleveland CouncilN EastStock Transferred to Coast & Country Housing
Redditch Borough CouncilW Mids[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/REDDITCH-System-builds..pdf" title="REDDITCH System builds."]
Reigate and Banstead Borough CouncilS East
Renfrewshire CouncilScotland[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Renf-Property-List.pdf" title="Renf Property List"]
Rhondda Cynon Taff County Borough CouncilWalesNOT HELD
Transferred to RCT Homes
Ribble Valley Borough CouncilN WestNOT HELD
Richmondshire District CouncilYork/Humb20130514 EWI list for FOI.XLSX
Rochdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilN West
Rochford District CouncilEastStock Transferred to Rochford Housing
Rossendale Borough CouncilN WestNOT HELD
Rother District CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Stock transferred to AmicusHorizon
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough CouncilYork/Humb
Royal Borough of GreenwichLondon
Royal Borough of Kensington and ChelseaLondon
Royal Borough of Kingston upon ThamesLondon
Royal Borough of Windsor and MaidenheadS East
Rugby Borough CouncilW MidsRugby non-trads
Runnymede Borough CouncilS East
Rushcliffe Borough CouncilE Mids
Rushmoor Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Rutland County CouncilE MidsStock Transferred to Spire Housing
Ryedale District CouncilYork/HumbStock transferred to Ryedale Housing
Rykneld HomesNorth East Derbyshire
Salford City CouncilN West
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough CouncilW Mids
Scarborough Borough CouncilYork/HumbInformation Not Held
Scottish Borders CouncilScotlandStock Tranferred
Sedgemoor District CouncilS WestSedgemoor non trads
Sefton Metropolitan Borough CouncilN West
Selby District CouncilYork/Humbselby dc non trads
Sevenoaks District CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Stock transferred to West Kent Housing
Sheffield City CouncilYork/Humb
Shepway District CouncilS EastNOT HELD - REDIRECT TO East Kent Housing
Shetland Islands CouncilScotlandThe Shetland Islands
Shropshire Council - UnitaryW Midsshropshire non trads
Slough Borough CouncilS EastDownload
Solihull Metropolitan Borough CouncilW Mids
Somerset County CouncilS WestNot Held on District Level
South Ayrshire CouncilScotlandSouth Ayrshire Council
South Buckinghamshire District CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Stock transferred
South Cambridgeshire District CouncilEastSouth Cambridge Non Trads
South Derbyshire District CouncilE MidsNone Held - Requires Clarification
South Gloucestershire CouncilS WestNOT HELD
Stock Transferred to Merlin Housing Society
South Hams District CouncilS WestNOT HELD
South Holland District CouncilE MidsSouth Holland Non Trad Homes
South Kesteven District CouncilE Mids South Kesteven DC Non Traditional Properties schedule
South Lakeland District CouncilN West
South Lanarkshire CouncilScotland
South Norfolk District CouncilEastStock Transferred to Saffron Housing Trust
South Northamptonshire CouncilE MidsStock Transferred to South Northants Homes
South Oxfordshire District CouncilS East
South Ribble Borough CouncilN WestNOT HELD
South Somerset District CouncilS WestStock Transferred to Yarlington Housing Group
South Staffordshire CouncilW Mids
South Tyneside CouncilN East[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/South-Tyneside-Table.pdf" title="South Tyneside Table"]
Southampton City CouncilS EastSouthampton Non trads
Southend-on-Sea Borough CouncilEast[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Southend-non-trads.pdf" title="Southend non trads"]
Spelthorne Borough CouncilS EastStock Transferred to Dominion Housing (BISFs Held)
St Albans City and District CouncilEastAirey -52 /Belfry -107 /Dury Gregory 89 /Dury System 3 -134 /Hawksley BL8 -9 /Lovell -133 /Swedish Timber- 3 / Trusteel - 6 /Unity -138 / Wates - 89 / Wimpey No Fines -177
St Edmundsbury Borough Council
EastStock Transferred to http://www.havebury.com/contact-us/
St Helens Metropolitan Borough CouncilN West
Stafford Borough CouncilW Mids
Staffordshire County /District CouncilW MidsNOT HELD on District Level
Staffordshire Moorlands District CouncilW Mids
Stevenage Borough CouncilEastNon Trad Stevenage BC Assets
Stirling CouncilScotlandstirling Non Trads
Stockport Metropolitan Borough CouncilN WestDownload
Stockton-on-Tees Borough CouncilN EastDownload
Stoke-on-Trent City CouncilW MidsBISFCussins
Derry City & Strabane District CouncilN.IrelandNOT HELD
Stratford-on-Avon District CouncilW MidsStock transferred to South Warwickshire Housing Association
Stroud District CouncilS WestStroud non trads1
Suffolk Coastal District CouncilEastSuffolk coastal non trads
Suffolk County CouncilEastNOT HELD
Sunderland City CouncilN EastNOT HELD
Surrey County CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Surrey Heath Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Swale Borough CouncilS EastSock transferred to Swale Housing Amicus Horizon housing
Swansea City and Borough CouncilWalesNon Traditional Properties 2017 Swansea
Swindon Borough CouncilS WestClarification Required
Tameside Metropolitan Borough CouncilN WestNOT HELD
Stock transferred to New Charter
Housing Trust
Tamworth Borough CouncilW MidsDownload
Tandridge District CouncilS Easttandridge non trads
Taunton Deane Borough CouncilS WestTaunton Deane non trads
Teignbridge District CouncilS WestStock Transferred to Teign Housing
Telford & Wrekin CouncilW MidsPartial response in respect to repairs[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Telford-repairs.pdf" title="Telford repairs"]
Tendring District CouncilEasttendring non trads
Test Valley Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Tewkesbury Borough CouncilS WestNOT HELD
Thanet District CouncilS EastThanet dc non trads
Three Rivers District CouncilEastStock Transferred to Thrive Homes Housing
Thurrock CouncilEastList 1
Tonbridge and Malling Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Torbay CouncilS WestStock Transferred to Sanctuary Housing
Torfaen County Borough CouncilWalesTransferred 2008 to Bron Afon Community Housing
Torridge District CouncilS WestStock Transferred to Westward Housing
Trafford Metropolitan Borough CouncilN WestStock Transferred to Trafford Housing Trust
Tunbridge Wells Borough CouncilS EastNO STOCK HELD
Uttlesford District CouncilEast[pdf-embedder url="https://www.bisfhouse.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Uttlesford-District-Council-non-trads.pdf" title="Uttlesford District Council non trads"]
Vale of Glamorgan CouncilWalesvale of glamorgan
Vale of White Horse District CouncilS EastNot Held
Wakefield Metropolitan District CouncilYork/HumbStock transferred to Wakefield District Housing
Walsall Housing GroupWalsallPrivate housing group. Not subject of F.O.I requests
Walsall Metropolitan Borough CouncilW MidsTransferred stock Walsall Housing
Group and Watmos and Beechdale Housing Association.
Warrington Borough CouncilN WestTransferred stock to Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT)
Warwick District CouncilW MidsWarwick Non Trads
Warwickshire County CouncilW MidsNOT HELD at County Council Level
Watford Borough CouncilEastTransferred to Community Housing Trust
Waveney District CouncilEastDownload
Waverley Borough CouncilS EastOwns only 8 Trusteel steel-framed properties. No location given
Wealden District CouncilS EastWealden dc non trads
Wellingborough Borough CouncilE MidsNOT HELD
Welwyn Hatfield CouncilEastWelwyn Hatfiel non trads
West Berkshire CouncilS EastNOT HELD
West Devon Borough CouncilS WestStock transferred to Devon & Cornwall Housing Group
West Dorset District CouncilS WestNOT HELD
West Dunbartonshire CouncilScotlandwest dumbartonshire
West Lancashire Borough CouncilN WestDownload
West Lindsey District CouncilE MidsNo Response
West Lothian CouncilScotlandWest Lothiannon trad query
West Oxfordshire District CouncilS EastNOT HELD
West Somerset District CouncilS WestStock Transferred to Magna Housing
West Sussex County CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar - Formerly-Western Isles CouncilScotlandDownload
Weymouth and Portland Borough CouncilS WestNOT HELD
Wigan Metropolitan Borough CouncilN WestDownload
Wiltshire Council (Unitary)S WestNOT HELD
Winchester City CouncilS EastDownload
Wirral CouncilN WestNOT HELD
Woking Borough CouncilS EastNo Response
Wokingham Borough CouncilS EastDownload
Wolverhampton City CouncilW MidsDownload
Worcester City CouncilW MidsNOT HELD
Worthing Borough CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Wrexham County Borough CouncilWalesNOT HELD
Wychavon District CouncilW MidsNOT HELD
Wycombe District CouncilS EastNOT HELD
Stock Transferred to Red Kite Housing
Wyre Borough CouncilN WestNOT HELD
Stock transferred to Wyre Housing Association
Wyre Forest District CouncilW MidsNOT HELD
Your Homes NewcastleNewcastleNon Trad Homes held by Northern Consortium of Housing Authorities
Folkestone & Hythe District CouncilFolkestone & Hythe Not Held
Thurrock CouncilEastList 2