Lowton-Cubit House


Also known as Cubitt, LC, LC System and Modulow.  Manufacturers: Cubitts Construction Systems Ltd and Lowton-Cubitt Housing Ltd.  Period Built: 1964 – 1970s. Number Built: 3700. Designer: Lowton Construction Group.


Lowton-Cubitt Identification Characteristics:

2-storey terraced houses.

Medium pitch gable roof covered with interlocking concrete tiles.

External walls of tile hanging, PVC shiplap boarding, or render.

Brick panels at separating wall.

Gable wall of brick throughout, or mathematical tiles to eaves level, and vertical timber boarding at apex.

Brick or mathematical tiles returned around front and rear walls.

Some dwellings have integral garages and utility rooms on ground floor giving appearance of 3-storey house.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Peulwys-Estate Lowton Cubitt Case Study”]

Google streetmap view of Lowton-Cubitt Houses Halifax

Notes for Surveyors:

Minor to moderate corrosion of RSC frame and RS hollow box stanchions, particularly at external wall bases located below DPC.

Damaged, loose or missing holding down bolts.

Vertical and horizontal cracking of gas concrete panels, particularly in separating wall.

Rain penetration at infill panel-brick joints.

(The system was also used for flats)



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