Precast Concrete Houses

Image of Reema Conclad PRC House

Reema Conclad PRC House – AKA Ribbed, Waffle or Coffered Panel System.

Manufacturer: Reema Construction Co. Ltd. Milford Manor, Salisbury, Wiltshire. The first prototype Reema Conclad house was built in 1964. General production commenced in 1969 to meet the demand for a building system that would combine the speed of erection with the standard and economies of industrialized buildings using tailored external finishings and flexibility in planning …

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Non Traditional Houses In Calderdale

This article was first published by Calderdale Council.  NON-TRADITIONAL HOUSING IN CALDERDALE Types of Non-Traditional Housing in CalderdaleAll Non-Traditional House construction types fall into one of the following four categories: Metal Framed Houses  (M)Pre-Cast Concrete Houses (P)In-situ concrete Houses  (S)Timber & framed Houses (T) There are over 500 different non-traditional construction types used in the …

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The Newland (Tarran-Newland) PRC House

Designated defective in England & Wales The Newland house otherwise known as the Tarran-Newland or Tarran-Clyde in Scotland, was constructed by Tarran Industries Ltd, between 1944 and 1956. The structural form of the Newland house is somewhat similar to the Dorran, Myton and Tarran House constructions which were also built by Tarran Industries.All constructions were …

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A Carlton PRC House

Carlton Precast Reinforced Concrete House

Manufacturer: Concrete Ltd Designer/ Architect: R Pianca & Carlton Contractors Number Built: 350 Period Built: 1965-69 Alternate Names: – Construction Type: PRC Identifying Features 2-storey terraced houses. Shallow pitch gable roof covered with concrete tiles. Front and rear external walls of eaves height PRC columns infilled with vertical timber boarding. Spandrel PC panel at first …

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Kencast Precast Concrete House

Kencast Precast Concrete HouseManufacturer: Kencast Buildings Ltd. Period Build 1960’s. Number Built: 1000 Identification Characteristics: Detached and semi-detached bungalows. Medium Pitch gable roof covered with slates or tiles. External walls rendered throughout. Tile hanging at gable apex. Some bungalows have vertical timber boarding below some front wall window. This picture shows a typical Kencast detached …

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Photograph of original orlit house at colnbrook

The Original Orlit Prototype Precast Reinforced Concrete PRC House

PROTOTYPE Orlit House at Colnbrook Sponsor:   Orlit Ltd. Builders of Prototype: Orlit Ltd. Site of Prototype: Colnbrook By-pass, Bucks Sites of Development Groups:  Glengall Road and Billson Street, Poplar, London; Bushey Hall Farm Estate, Bushey, Herts. The Orlit system of construction relied on site prefabrication but did not achieve complete dry assembly. The horizontal frame …

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Defective Housing Law Change Scotland

Legislation repealed in Scotland Furious couple trapped in ‘defective’ house deemed to be worth NOTHING That was the headline of a news article published by the Scottish Tabloid Newspaper, The Daily Record. The article outlined the plight of Lorraine Gallagher and husband John who were shocked to find out that a surveyor had valued their …

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Tarran Clyde House

The Tarran Clyde House Following completion of a large number of Tarran temporary bungalows, the renamed Tarran-Clyde company produced this semi-detached cottage block. Glasgow built a prototype block of 2 units at Garscube in 1947. DATE BUILT  Glasgow; 1947 NUMBER BUILT2 units built at Garscube.226 units; Built at Aberdeen, Kincardine & Deeside, Kirkcaldy, Monklands, Perth …

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Alcrete Precast Concrete House

Alcrete Precast Concrete House Manufacturer: The Structural and Mechanical Development Engineers Ltd Designed By: The Bristol Aeroplane (Housing) Co. Period Built: 1940’s Number Built: n/k AKA: Alcrete Mk I/ Alcrete Mk II/ Bristol Aeroplane The Alcrete House is sometimes mistakenly misidentified as a BISF House, due to external design similarities. Built as two storey semi …

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Addison Precast Reinforced Concrete House

The Non Standard Construction Addison PRC House Designer: H Addison Period built: 1920 Introduction: There is very limited information available regarding this particular type of property, constructed from Precast Reinforced Concrete and Timber. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) does not hold any significant information in relation to this construction type, although it is known that …

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1940's reema hollow panel

Reema (Hollow Panel) Type PRC Houses

Reema (Hollow Panel) Type PRC Houses Classified as being ‘Defective’ by the Secretary of State under Part XVI of the Housing Act 1985, in England & Wales unless subject to approved repair. Manufactured by Reema Construction Ltd of Salisbury Wiltshire was formed in 1948. Approximately 17,600 houses of this type were known to have been …

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List of Precast Concrete Houses by Build Type

The below list identifies precast concrete dwellings in the UK. Properties Designated defective under housing act legislation in England & Wales are shown, however this legislation has since been repealled in Scotland only. Printed reports for selected property types are available for purchase from the B.R.E Bookshop . Properties are listed by BRE ref number/ …

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Unity Precast Concrete Properties

Manufacturers: Unity Structures Ltd / Unity House Construction Alternative names: Butterley, Unity Brick clad Period built: 1950s Number built: 19,000 (includes Types I and II) Unity Precast Concrete Properties Built as bungalows and 2-storey semi-detached and terraced houses. This system was also used to construct flats.Having a medium pitch hipped or gable roof covered with …

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