In this latest feature we take a fly on the wall look at Denton’s BISF Dressing Room Project detailing the renovation and remodeling of his newly acquired BISF House interior. Denton is a valued member and regular contributor [Read More]

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Internal Insulation Project of BISF Bedroom by Ed BISF House has a number of valuable members who take the time to share project ideas, thoughts and designs for the benefit of other members and readers [Read More]

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Bedrooms with a BISF View We like nothing more than sharing thoughts, ideas and creations here at BISFHouse. One of our latest projects was the renovation and decoration of a BISF bedroom. We wanted to [Read More]

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Showcase Immaculate BISF House, Moorside, County Durham This immaculately presented semi-detached BISF house is located at Surrey Crescent, Moorside, County Durham. SOLD Priced at just £65,000 & currently offered for sale via Visit J.W.Wood Estate [Read More]

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BISF House construction types are often referred to as types A, A1,B and type C which can cause confusion among BISF owners and housing market professionals alike. Most BISF houses across the country are variations [Read More]

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One of the benefits of owning a BISF house is that it will most likely come with a very good-sized garden. In fact many BISF houses have very large gardens which is typical of post [Read More]

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Whilst searching through hundreds of property listings we were amazed to find this BISF House on offer for the unbelievable price of just. £46,950! Does this make this property the cheapest BISF house on the [Read More]

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This very well presented BISF property is offered for sale and now reduced from £62.000 to £60.000 by Kimmitt & Roberts Estate Agents and is located in Seaham,County Durham. Visit Kimmitts & Roberts Here Or [Read More]

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The Importance of Rust Prevention and Maintenance For BISF Houses. All houses require maintenance at one time or another no matter what the form of construction. A traditional brick-built house may require pointing during which [Read More]

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Gunite Eastern Ltd deliver a wide range of specialist contracting services to commercial and social housing clients. Providing a variety of  Solid Wall and External Wall Insulation systems and solutions from leading manufacturers that have [Read More]

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Kennet Construction Limited are approved installers for a number of external wall insulation cladding systems. These are lightweight low cement or cement free systems, involving use of polymers, acrylics and silicones in a vast range [Read More]

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BISF Steel Frame House – Defective or Not? Following the post war housing shortage of the 1940’s, thousands of homes were built across the width and breadth of the country using a range of new [Read More]

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19 Blairtummock Place Panorama Business VillageGlasgow, G33 4EN Tel 0141 771 6099  Fax 0871 918 4716 (UK only) / 0141 771 6099 A J Balfour & Associates are a professional and dedicated team of civil [Read More]

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Serious house fires are tragic no matter what type of house they occur in. Is a BISF house a fire risk by design? Not according to a Building Research Establishment  report, we take a closer [Read More]

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All potential home buyers at one point or another will need to obtain a survey or home buyer report. Your mortgage company needs to know that the property you wish to buy is in good [Read More]

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Are Nottingham Intermediaries rejecting your BISF Mortgage applications based on incorrect information? When applying for your BISF mortgage there are certain things that you would expect. You would expect mortgage brokers or intermediaries to be [Read More]

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Bristol City Council, Watershed and Bristol Museums & Art Gallery Archives have jointly produced an excellent video entitled ‘Bristol Prefabs, hosted by Dave Drew. The video chronicles the proliferation and history of prefab housing in [Read More]

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Yes It’s true, BISF Houses do offer better value & easier redesign options! The acclaimed BISF house appears to be regaining a new desirability factor within the housing market. Standard non-improved BISF houses typically cost [Read More]

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The word BISF is synonymous with post war prefabricated buildings. This same word is often followed sooner or later by the words Asbestos but what do you really know about Asbestos in your own BISF [Read More]

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Bath’s biggest landlord is offering to pay for new Christmas decorations for some of its tenants after an asbestos alert turned their lofts into no-go zones. Social housing provider Somer is working its way around [Read More]

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With the help of our members have compiled the worlds first BISF street register of BISF House locations in England, Scotland and Wales. To aid page loading times, we have now separated the index into [Read More]

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