Bristol City Council, Watershed and Bristol Museums & Art Gallery Archives have jointly produced an excellent video entitled ‘Bristol Prefabs, hosted by Dave Drew. The video chronicles the proliferation and history of prefab housing in Bristol as part of the ‘Bristol Stories‘ collection of individual, personal digital stories made in Bristol. Although a BISF house […]

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Yes It’s true, BISF Houses do offer better value & easier redesign options! The acclaimed BISF house appears to be regaining a new desirability factor within the housing market. Standard non-improved BISF houses typically cost between 10%-20% less than similar traditional constructed properties. In todays inflated property market they are being actively sought out by […]

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The word BISF is synonymous with post war prefabricated buildings. This same word is often followed sooner or later by the words Asbestos but what do you really know about Asbestos in your own BISF home? Asbestos strikes fear into most  minds. Indeed 4000 people lose their lives every year from serious asbestos related diseases […]

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Bath’s biggest landlord is offering to pay for new Christmas decorations for some of its tenants after an asbestos alert turned their lofts into no-go zones. Social housing provider Somer is working its way around 93 homes in Twerton and Weston where low-level asbestos cement residue has been found in loft spaces. The material had […]

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 Frequently Asked Questions BISF Houses.   We frequently see BISF related questions being asked on various forums and websites across the internet. Many of the answers provided albeit with good intent, are  often completely wrong and misleading even to the point of being dangerous. Many answers are posted by people with  absolutely no experience or […]

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BISF House continue to hear stories regarding rising building insurance quotes for BISF houses. Whilst we are fully aware that insurance renewals are rising in general for all UK homes but we have been astonished to hear that some insurance companies have been subjecting BISF home owners to some roof raising price increases. We have […]

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A list of BISF Houses currently or previously listed for sale. Awaiting further price scales for Scotland & Wales.

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In 2009, The DIY SOS Team headed by Nick Knowles updated a BISF House in Dartford on behalf of a family in need of help. Nick Knowles and the team enlist the help of the local community and guest designer Oliver Heath to transform a post-war BISF house in Dartford into a warm and safe home […]

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The Government, despite the economic climate, is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of poorly insulated and constructed dwellings across the United Kingdom. BISF houses have long been highlighted as poorly insulated properties along with many other Post War constructed houses. Ever rising heating costs are forcing many occupiers into a state of fuel poverty […]

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Replacement Roofing Systems For BISF Houses Almost all BISF houses were built with corrugated asbestos cement or steel roofing sheets. Over time these sheets have suffered from deterioration with most showing signs of erosion and discolouration. Many home owners & local authorities have replaced these old corrugated asbestos roof panels with new lightweight steel tile […]

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Share your views and experiences of living in a BISF house. Created by BISF Owners for BISF Owners like you. We would love to hear your views and experiences of living in a BISF Home Share thoughts, memories, designs and ideas and help us to continue to grow our community. One of the greatest features […]

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The BISF house is a British Steel Framed house, designed and produced by the British Iron and Steel Federation, and erected around the country from 1946 often using prisoners and former prisoners of war. During the Second World War, the Inter-departmental Committee on House construction, commonly called the Burt Committee, was formed. This committee was […]

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Welcome to the home of BISF (British Iron & Steel Federation) post war houses. Aims & Policies We aim to provide a central information resource and discussion point for owners of BISF properties, from private individuals to social housing groups, councils and commercial operatives, and landlords. By providing accurate, up to date information and dispelling many […]

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