Dramatic New Makeover for 100 council houses in Coedpoeth Nearly 100 council houses in one local village have undergone a dramatic makeover as part on an ongoing housing improvements project. The houses and flats in [Read More]

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This excellent set of images were taken by our guest user Rusla during the removal and installation of a new back door to their BISF house. The gallery shows every stage of the removal process [Read More]

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Dennis Wild Manufacturer: James Wild & Co (Housing) Period built: 1920s Number built: 10,000 Alternative names: Dennis, Dennis Steel Frame House, Dennis-Wild Patent Steel Frame, Composite System, James Wild, Wild,  Wild Steel Frame System. Dennis [Read More]

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Image Gallery showing the Investigation & Repair of Corroded Steel Frame Stanchion Legs of a BISF House. The chances of a BISF house suffering from severe corrosion to the frame is fortunately rare, however corrosion [Read More]

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Manufacturer: George Wimpey & Co. Ltd Period built: 1940s–1970s Number built: 300,000 Alternative names: Butterfly, Butterfly No-Fines, Formwall, Gateshead Butterfly, Gateshead No-Fines, No-Fines Wimpey, Wimpey W6M   George Wimpey and Co. developed a system of [Read More]

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BISF House Architectural Building Plans We have a variety of BISF Type A1  architectural building plans in our archive that we shall be sharing over the coming weeks with our members. Our re-touched plans are [Read More]

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This article was first published in 2014. Prices shown may have varied since this date. Despite a massive push in the past by Government agencies, energy companies and local authorities to increase the energy efficiency [Read More]

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The Swisspan System supplied by Swisspan External Wall Insulation Swisspan is an insulated render system used to overclad existing properties where the possibilities for mechanical fixing are restricted to structural elements, typically structural frames with [Read More]

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Sykes have undertaken numerous BISF renovation projects for various companies including South Tyneside Homes, East Bolden.   Sykes Specialist Contracting Ltd have completed the installation of the Alumasc Swisspan System to 30 BISF Houses at South [Read More]

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Henry Boot construction undertake BISF renovation work for local authorities and housing associations. Henry Boot Construction Barnsley Project for Berneslai Homes The project included external structural repairs, insulated render application under the Decent Homes modernisation programme [Read More]

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Carillion Energy Services were deployed by Bristol City Council to upgrade the thermal efficiency and aesthetics of BISF houses in Shirehampton primarily using the PermaRock system. PermaRock Mineral Fibre Insulated Render System Finish:PermaRock Acrylic K1.5mm [Read More]

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Pegasus externals Wombwell project Barnsley  Ninety houses were completed in 21 weeks. 2007 INCA award winner: Best use of insulated render and cladding for residential low rise / refurbishment. The BISF houses in the Windmill Road area [Read More]

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Anglian External Refurbishment North Lincs BISF Insulation North Lincs Anglian has completed an external envelope refurbishment scheme for Registered Social Landlord North Lincolnshire Homes. The refurbished houses are British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) non-traditional [Read More]

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BISF Homes In Shortlees Get a Facelift Atrium Newsletter pdf BISF Renovation Scheme by Atrium Homes Work is complete on a £1.3 million facelift to 45 BISF houses in Shortlees, Kilmarnock. The work which has [Read More]

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Alcrete Precast Concrete Manufactured by : The Structural and Mechanical Development Engineers Ltd Designed by: The Bristol Aeroplane (Housing) Co. Period built: 1940s Number built: n/k Alternative names: Alcrete Mk I/ Alcrete Mk II/ Bristol [Read More]

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Addison PRC Constructed House Designer: H Addison Period built: 1920 Introduction There is very limited information available regarding this particular type of property, constructed from Precast Reinforced Concrete and Timber. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) [Read More]

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Reema (Hollow Panel) Type PRC Houses Classified as being ‘Defective’ by the Secretary of State under Part XVI of the Housing Act 1985, unless subject to approved repair. Manufactured by Reema Ltd, it is understood [Read More]

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Image Gallery showing the Investigation & Repair of Corroded Steel Frame Stanchion Legs of a BISF House. Stanchion or steel frame corrosion and repairs The chances of your BISF property suffering from severe corrosion to [Read More]

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I have ripped the inside of my house out. Fireplace gone. Built a new wall in the larger front bedroom close to the edge of the window knocking down the wall in the little room [Read More]

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Trusteel Mk II Also known as: Minox or Trusteel. Manufacturer: Trusteel Corporation (Universal) Ltd. Period Built: 1946–66. Number Built: 20 000. Designer: C.R.Stapleford. Trusteel Identification Characteristics: Bungalows, chalet bungalows and 2-storey detached, semi-detached and terraced [Read More]

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Trusteel 3M Also known as: Trusteel. Manufacturer: Trusteel Corporation (Universal) Ltd. Period Built: 1966 -76. Number built: 17 000. Designers: M R Park and C R Stapleford. Identification Characteristics: Bungalows, 2-storey semi-detached and terraced houses.Shallow [Read More]

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