Arcal steel framed houses Houses : were constructed as two storey detached, semi-detached and terraced houses. The lower half ground floor elevation of the Front and rear external walls were finished with a coat of render. [Read More]

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Manufactured by: Henry Boot & Sons Number Built: England 7200 / Scotland 1000 Year of Manufacture: 1910 – 1930 The structure of the early 1900s Boot house comprises of twin, precast reinforced concrete columns set [Read More]

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Steel Frame Repair Steel-framed structures are designed with a life expectancy to make them practical to build and use. With proper repair and maintenance it is often possible to extend the life of a steel [Read More]

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Could your loft be putting your family at risk? Our Country can sometimes bask in prolonged summer heatwaves, such as the the record breaking summers of 1976 and 2013. The Met Office frequently issue a [Read More]

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I own a Cussins steel framed property and the attached property was recently refurbished by the housing company that owned it. I noticed that the frame required repair and I was hoping you could give [Read More]

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As evidenced by previous case studies, Metrotile Lightweight Roofing systems are an excellent choice when refitting or refurbishing  non-traditional properties that require lightweight roofing systems.  In Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, Cannock Chase Council and Keepmoat Housing [Read More]

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Hello, We live near Dugdale Crescent in Sutton Coldfield and came across your details while looking into external wall insulation. Are you able to recommend companies who have carried out EWI work locally please? Thanks

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Although featured back in 2010, we thought we would take a closer look at Helena Partnerships superb BISF renovation scheme in Moss Bank. Helena Partnerships is the largest social landlord in St Helens taking ownership [Read More]

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BISF and Riley Homes Receive Makeover Parkway Green is delighted  with the results of external refurbishment of 251 non traditional steel frame homes. External insulation work has was carried out on the BISF and Riley [Read More]

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Over the years Retrofit UK Ltd has partnered with local authorities to improve BISF housing stocks nationwide. Retrofit UK Ltd has a strong working relationship with all major systems designers & as such are approved [Read More]

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The below images have been kindly supplied to us by A. J Balfour Associates The images shows a number of BISF Houses undergoing inspection and the external repair and refurbishment of these steel framed houses. [Read More]

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Hello Everyone and welcome to my photographic diary showing how my good friend Mat and I, installed a set of sliding patio doors to the rear of his BISF house. During the installation we made [Read More]

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BISF Houses Are Not Defective Under Part XV1 of the Housing Act 1985 Of all the e-mails that we receive here at BISF House, by far the most common relate to home buyers receiving surveys [Read More]

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Rendering & Plastering Service, Plymouth, Devon & Cornwall If you are searching for BISF rendering or plastering services in Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall, then look no further than MPC Plastering Contractors. A company who specialise in internal [Read More]

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Hello I currently buying a BISF house in Braintree. It’s my first house and I want to do a huge renovation. I read the whole forum. It’s amazing. First time I heard about BISF houses [Read More]

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Hi Marc / others I’m a first time buyer who has been previously unaware of BISF construction until finding a property that I like but have been told is BISF construction. I have to admit it [Read More]

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BISF Refurbishment & Total Rendering Solutions. For nearly two decades SPS envirowall external wall insulation systems and solid wall insulation systems have been closely involved in the external renovation of older properties including BISF Houses.

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Hi, Has anyone built a two storey extension and was it straight forward? Thanks

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I am renovating a BISF house in South Wales but have an issue with noisy neighbours. I think this is mostly down to them being noisy but partly due to the poor construction between the [Read More]

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Weaste steel homes, steel estate, weaste, emanuel whittaker, second world war, salford, mark foster, kitchens, upvc, john gallagher, Salford city council, post-war Source: £600,000 facelift on Salford’s ‘steel’ homes is complete

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Having lived in a BISF house for 20 odd years we have moved the ground floor layout about to suite our needs various times over the years. When the kids were young we had the [Read More]

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