Hi All

I am in the process of purchasing a BISF house (possibly down the road from some of you!) and to my surprise, I have been unable to Google the standard window sizes for the property. I am not able to immediately get back to the property to take measurements but would like to get my quotes in place.

Can anyone give me (approx.) sizes of the following Windows:
Large Square Window (Living Room)
Medium Landscape Rectangle Window (Dining Room and 2 larger Bedrooms)
Small Portrait Rectangle Window (Bathroom, Kitchen and Small Bedroom)

Thanks In Advance

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Thanks, Marc, I have scrolled through and found a few sizes to be working with, so much appreciated. I’m sure once I move in I’ll have a lot more questions for the experienced BISF home owners here, and look forward getting connected.

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Hello Heather
I’m surprised that you haven’t had a reply yet to your question.
I’m unable to assist myself as my BISF properties have both had the windows replaced and the standard dimensions have been altered.
I recall an old thread where Denton and Ed discussed window sizes back in 2012.
Here’s a link to the page http://bisfhouse.com/do-you-live-in-a-bisf-house/

If you scroll down the page Denton starts the discussion on February 25th 2012.
We did come to the conclusion that there are slight differences in window openings depending on what size timber had been used in the reveals.

I hope this helps.

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