hi there, i don’t really want to ask a question here, but would just like to tell everyone (if interested) that i live in a BISF house type A1 , my neighbour is 94 years old and has lived in his house since it was 2 years old ! it is totally original right down to the washing line in the kitchen. the only changes that have been made over the years are new electrical appliances , fridge, cooker and fire (obviously) and the outside being redone in 1991 but inside is exactly how it was when it was made. i would love to be able to take photos of it to put on here for you guys to see, but can’t really ask . was wondering if there are any other totally original BISF houses around ? and where ? ours is in the Rhondda Valleys in South Wales.

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Hi Zeelien and the warmest of welcomes
We are always interested to hear about BISF houses in their original condition as many original properties have since been stripped down and fitted with replacement modern fittings and this is particularly true of Kitchens.

I recall entering a BISF house as a child some fourty years ago and walking into the kitchen and finding tall steel built in cupboards on the back wall and original fitted units on the rear wall with the traditional old split level gas cooker in the corner.

I do hope that if anyone does have any photographs of these original fittings that they may share them with us here as it would be fascinating to see them today.

We don’t have any records of original condition properties in our archives but we do constantly scour the for sale websites such as zoopla and rightmove looking for properties of interest.
You will find that the vast majority of BISF homes are of the A1 type but there are also rows of terraced BISF houses and even maisonettes in Scotland, although many have these have since been converted back to single dwellings.

I do have a few photographs from our archives showing the original BISF prototypes which were essentially showhomes for the BISF buildings we see today.
I shall post some below which your neighbour might like to see. You never know he may even give you permission to take a few photographs if you are lucky but I can understand that this might be difficult.

I have spoken to many senior citizens over the year including, several who have lived in BISF houses all their lives and some who even remember seeing these houses being built using prisoners of war drfted in from camps to do the heavy work.
In fact one of our regular members here even found what appears to be a swastika carved into the wall board in his bedroom.
The stories that these fine citizens share can be fascinating and it’s very sad that as the years advance, there will be fewer and fewer of these people around who can actually share these valuable memories which will one day be lost. Yet these memories are what forge our History today so I always try to find out as much as I can about the early days of BISF life.

I hope you enjoy the photographs if you haven’t seen them already.


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    Don't forget that these were show home fittings of the day and as such the types of fittings and units that were used in production did vary. Some BISF Houses have their kitchen back doors and the side of the house whilst others have their back doors on the back of the house because configurations did change. Some even had bathrooms downstairs.

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