How would you go about removing some kind of animal that could be using an accessible space within the external and internal walls for nesting or to gain access to the loft? I’ve recently heard some noises coming from one particular area of the partition between internal and external walls, near ground level, that suggests that something has found a way in (on a particularly cold day in late November) and could be nesting there.

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Hi Pete,

that could be a tricky one. When I renovated the living room I found that some sort of rodent had chewed up and removed some of the fibreglass insulation under the window, when I removed the plasterboard. I also found the remains of a young bird inside the protruding steel window surround and there was a gap between the steel surround and the render.

The first thing I would do would be to check around the outside of the house for any gaps downstairs and fill them if you find them. Also check inside to make sure there are no holes there. Hopefully they have not got in through the loft as that would be difficult to close off the wall cavities up there without blocking the ventilation.


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