We have a terraced BISF property in Caldy Road, Cardiff and were wondering how we can get access to prints with dimension’s of the steel structure. We are considering making internal alterations, however, we are unsure of where the vertical steel stanchions / horizontal beams are etc…

We purchased the property in 2010 and the whole street had a refurbishment via Cardiff City Council between 2000 – 2002 to remove cladding and replace with block and render to external walls etc.

It would be good to know where everything is to explore options



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Hi, as far as I’m aware there are no plans of the steel structure available. What area are you interested in? Fortunately they are fairly simple in lay out and if you say what part of the house you’re thinking of we’ll be able to give descriptions/ approx locations.

In the internal walls there are only two or three vertical stanchions and one horizontal beam. The verticals are in the wall at the meeting point of the kitchen/hall/living room and a second in the living room/dining room wall at the party wall side of the flue (approx 7 ft apart). There may be a third stanchion right up against the party wall behind the door frame of the living room/dining room doorway but I believe that only one house of the pair will have one here. In the top of that same wall there is a horizontal beam directly below the ceiling.

In the outside walls the stanchions are basically on either side of each window or door. In semi detached BISF houses there are also diagonal braces in the corners of the two-house unit, but I’m not sure if these are present in a mid-terrace house (I’d very much expect an end of terrace to be the same as the more usual semi detached)

Here’s a photo that should give you an idea.

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