Cavity Wall Installation for BISF House
When I have approached various companies offering free for cavity wall installation, only to find out, that to our BISF home, I am being told that it can’t be undertaken because the inner wall is plasterboard and not brick. The fact remains that our home has cavity walls yet I am finding it impossible for a company to do such work, even if I offer to pay for the job to be done without a grant. Could anyone who has had the same problem let me of the answer?
many thanks

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Hi Christopher,

I have started this weekend to insulate my back bedroom as per Ed’s case study:

Internal Insulation Project of BISF Bedroom by Ed

I found when taking the walls down the the property had had Cavity wall insulation installed. I have removed all of this and can see some, although minor corrosion on the steels. I will now remove the rest of the walls in the same way and re-insulate as above. I would also promote it as a cost effective, easy and simple way of both insulating your house and getting fresh smooth walls at the same time.

P.S. Any advice form anyone on removal of CWI would be greatly appreciated!


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Christopher, BISF houses are steel framed. The cavity cannot be filled with blown fibre insulation because it would block the cavity preventing air circulation. Air circulation is required to prevent condensation forming on the steelwork, which would corrode.

Insulation needs to either be added externally (insulated rendering etc) or internally (removal of the internal walls finishes and solid insulation materials installed part depth of the cavity and new internal wall finishes provided).

You can apply for funding for this, but from what I have read this extremely complicated and painful.

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