I’m looking at buying a BISF house in Weston, Bath, and am having trouble appointing a surveyor. All the local practices have either recommended speaking to a structural engineer or straight up refused to work on steel frame.

Firstly, can anyone recommend a local (Bath/Bristol/Swindon at a push) engineer/surveyor they have used? There are a few houses of this type locally and I guess that someone must be able to work on them.

Secondly, if I look to appoint one, what service should I ask for from an engineer? A chartered surveyor would be normally offer a Building Survey, defined by RICS guidelines, but what would an engineer do?

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

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Hi there! I’m moving to twerton to a BISF home and I got my survey done through my solicitors (Nationwide) it was quite straightforward and just explained it was a BISF home.


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