You know, it makes my blood boil when I see respected companies referring to BISF houses as temporary or defective or even worse calling them prefabs!

So I thought I would start a thread listing these companies in the hope that they will amend their information.

Many of these companies actually deal with the refurbishment or insulating of BISF Houses, so they should really know better than to print such misleading and incorrect statements.

Feel free to add your ownm companies to the list and lets see if we can correct the internet !!!!!!!

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I think part of the problem is that there are now very few temporary prefabs left (as might be expected after almost 70 years) and so a lot of people don’t know what they actually were. If you saw one, you would’t be able to mistake it for a BISF house.

They were like an early version of a park home, or one of the mobile homes on a holiday camp or an American ‘trailer’, or even a portakabin.


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My fourth award goes to Henry Boot Construction

On their companies web page they state:

BISF properties are prefabricated structures erected after the Second World War to provide temporary accommodation during the housing shortages.
Originally designed to last 10-15 years, many of the properties are still inhabited over 60 years later, meaning modernisation works are essential to allow residents to continue living in their homes.

Comments like this do nothing but undermine the value of B.I.S.F houses. clearly this gives the general public and professional bodies alike, the impression that B.I.S.F HOUSES were little more than temporary shacks. Misleading information such as this can be incredibly damaging to owners and occupiers of these PERMANENT houses and also undermines the credibility of these companies who are supposed to be professionals!

Fortunately an increasing number of people are now aware (partly due to this website) that B.IS.F HOUSES were built as permanent homes with the same expected lifespan of a brick house.

Link to webpage Henry Boot

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My third award for the Wall of Shame goes to Wetherby , they are another large company that regularly install insulation in BISF homes and they too should know better.

This quote is taken from their main website and can be seen here

Wetherby Building Systems Ltd has taken on some sensational new schemes which will ultimately help to reduce negative environmental impact.
These Kirklees properties are of a post-war prefabricated steel framed structure, produced by the British Iron and Steel Federation. The temporary homes were constructed in the 1950’s are still standing securely today, but lacked adequate insulation. The properties were not only unattractive, but are also extremely difficult to heat due to the poor thermal properties of the structure.
This was something Wetherby successfully overcame with one of their external wall insulation (EWI) systems. The collaboration with Kirklees Council and contractors Keepmoat and Skyline saw the sustainable refurbishment of 99 BISF properties, completed in September 2012.

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My second contribution is by the very large company known as Saint Gobain Weber
They deal with external Insulation products and have a lot of experience within the refurbishment and external insulation market.

Here is a quote direct from Saint Gobain Weber;

The BISF house is a steel framed house, designed and produced by the British Iron & Steel Federation and erected around the country from
1946. In Cambridgeshire these **temporary prefab home
s, constructed in 1950, are still standing securely today but lack adequate
insulation. This is being remedied with the application of the BBA
certified weber.therm XM External Wall Insulation (EWI) system by
Saint-Gobain Weber.**

Mark out of 10, zero!

Get your act together Weber Saint Gobain, BISF houses were not built as temporary houses and neither are they prefabs!

Link Weber

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My first company on the list is from a company called InBuild who recently undertook work for South Essex Homes.


Their online brochure states;

South Essex Homes (SEH) own a number of British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) properties that were built in 1945 as temporary post-war homes. The main structure is formed of steel columns; the ground floor is clad with rendering on metal lath and the outer cladding of the upper floor is of steel trussed sheeting.

WRONG! BISF homes were not built as temporary buildings, they were built as long term permanent homes.

Please correct this misleading article and stop yourself looking like fools.

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