Whilst checking out insurance for a BISF property a thought occurred, in the event of a total loss, what would happen?

Would the property be rebuilt to the same building specification (do they event build BISF construction methods these days? ) Or would it be rebuilt in a different construction manor to match what I had before?


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Hi, it couldn’t practically be rebuilt as a BISF house because the parts for a BISF house were only made by the BISF for a relatively short time roughly 1946-51. None of them are complicated, but making them all to order for a single house wouldn’t be economic (say like making a one off replica of a 1940s car would never be economic even though a 1940s car is a lot simpler than a modern one).

Steel framed construction is still very standard for commercial and industrial buildings like warehouses, supermarkets, office blocks etc but very rare for anything as small as a house these days.

So if it had to be rebuilt it would have to be built with some other method, say masonry, timber frame or structural insulated panel.


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