After growing up in a BISF house, i am now in the middle of buying one. All going well, its nearly there.
Just wondered as the house was renovated probably a number of years back by the council, is there any way in knowing when this would have been done and would there be a certificate?
I also saw the green deal which I think has gone now, but wondered if down the road I wanted to get some insulation, new boiler etc are there any other schemes or any plans for the green deal to return?
Thanks for your help and great to see this site

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Hello Marc,
I wondered if there was any news on the green deal for 2015, I have just moved into my house and would like to get it assessed. I contacted the person you gave me details for who was then passing my details onto a lady that would arrange it, but as yet i have not heard anything from her.
Just curious if you have any updates?


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Contact Dave Richards, he is a Green Deal energy assessor who is very familiar with BISF houses and he can ensure that the right measures are added to your assessment.

[email protected]

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    • 3 years ago

    Hi, I have been trying to get someone to assess our home under green deal for external cladding, I have applied to about 6 different companies who didn't even reply and one who replied, assessed and said it was impossible, any one know a company who may do external cladding under green deal, we are in Aylesbury bucks.

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Hi Marc,

Thank you, yes if you can that would be great, I am hoping to exchange very soon and would like to get an assessment asap.

Thanks for all your help

Great site


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Hello Franciso

I think your first bet would be to contact your local council or visit their website and search for freedom of information requests.

Every council should have an online form that you can complete where you can ask when your street or property was last renovated and if any certification was issued.

You will have a better chance of receiving a response by asking your question in this way or you can visit the whatdotheyknow website where the process is made even easier and by law the council must respond.

The green Deal itself is due to return this Novemeber but as yet we do not know how much cashback is being made available for each property.

As the Government funding went so quickly last time I would seriously consider obtaining a green deal assessment now if you can. That way you will be ready to strike when the funding is released. I can put you in touch with an advisor if required.



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