Can anyone advise me on who to get a mortgage with to buy my house. The local authority have valued the house at 180k giving us an offer to buy at 76100. You would think it would be easy to get the mortgage- it’s not. Please help
We love our house and are desperate to buy.

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    Can you clarify what type of house you have? Is it a BISF house or a house of a different construction type?

  • Thebestscaff

    Hi. I believe it is a bisf house. However, orbit whom we plan to buy from can not confirm either way?? Is has steel legs and beams with concrete floor and concrete blocks around two course high to front and rear. The dividing wall between the two properties appears to be concrete block all the way through and the external wall is concrete/block to first floor. The house has been ‘repaired’ – insulated and cladded. Hope this helps you help me!

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    I think we really do need to clarify this. Can you please send me the postcode of your property to [email protected] and I will see if I can establish your build type. Marc

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Hi and welcome. What problems are you having? I believe most if not all of the big high street lenders will lend for a BISF house but not all of the smaller and more specialist companies. That is of course in principle, subject to valuation etc as with any home.

We got our mortgage from Halifax very easily. To be honest, as a first time buyer I was slightly shocked at just how easily you could borrow over 100k for 40 years! This was though after Nationwide had rejected the house due to the asbestos roof – but I doubt any council owned house still has an original asbestos roof.

The other lender that’s often talked about for BISF houses is Santander. I am presuming your problem isn’t just due to lender error, such as them mistaking it for an unmortgageable concrete house, which is unfortunately fairly common!


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