I bought BISF property, and I would like to extend the property, but the shed is in my way. Can I knock down the shed, which is in my garden, but the other side of shed is in neighbors garden? Do I need to get approval from someone or not?

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Hi Darious
there are many different types of shed construction associated with the original building plots of BISF houses. Some were timber, some block work as well as a variety of other building materials.

I presume due to your concern over your neighbours portion of the building, that your shed may well have been constructed from some type of block or brick work perhaps not dissimilar to those shown below.

The problem with some of these detached outbuildings is that many were built as one single structure with a dividing or party wall so to speak between the two. In cases such as this, removing one half of the building, i.e your half, could lead to the remaining half of the building becoming unstable.

In cases such as this I would highly recommend the services of a structural engineer or even a good experienced builder to offer their own independent advice before any action is taken. Otherwise the risk of causing damage to a neighbours property through negligence could prove very costly.

To my knowledge, separate sheds and outbuildings do not require any specials permission to be removed so don’t think that will be a problem for you.

Can you provide any images of the outbuilding?


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