My husband and I are in the process of buying a steel build house that has had an extension put on the side to create a kitchen and a large utility room – I want to knock the wall out between them, which was an external wall but is now an internal wall, however it is a supporting wall. Is this possible? Just spoke to a structural engineer and he was very negative about it and said it was hassle….i don’t mind hassle if its possible! Do we need to speak to council and get an architect in or just a builder? TIA

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Hello Kayti
Can you tell us what type of steel framed house you are buying, is it a BISF house or other type of construction?

Most structural engineers and council planners take a negative view in removing structural internal walls, however this is not to say it cannot be done.

We were succesfully granted permission to remove the fron ground floor structural support of a BISF house in order to build a first floor extension. After removal the structure was then supported by an RSJ beam mounted on brick columns to maintain support for the upper storey.

However on a second project that we were involved in, planning was refused unless access to the extension was only provided through the existing with of the window frame, which would leave all supporting stanchions in tact.

When removing any exterior structural supporting wall, great care must be taken so that the overall integrity of the frame is not undermined. It is also very important to choose a builder and structural engineer who is familiar with your construction type.

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