I live in a BISF property and for the past 4 years, have been dealing with my insurers with regards to subsidence. After years of investigations and subsidence monitoring, it appears that the main culprit is the neighboring property which has substantial subsidence and is pulling my property with it.

As yet, it’s not clear how the neighbor will remedy their property (and mine for that matter) however one of the options made available to them is to demolish.

My question therefore is whether you can demolish a semi-detached property and not affect the other ?(my property)

I’ve not come across any situation where this is the case as my understanding is 2 semi-detached BISF properties share the same structural frame and concrete foundation.

Is it possible to demolish one and not the other?

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Rogers Question has been answered on the main website page here http://bisfhouse.com/can-make-semi-detached-bisf-property-detached/

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