Hi, there are a number of BISF houses around my area and I was looking to possibly buy one, however, I was wondering if you could pebble dash the whole house or would I have to stick with the cladding? They are either type A1 or type B versions.

If it is possible what would be involved? or if this can’t be done what other options are available?

Roughly what would be involved and how much would it typically cost?

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Hello G J
It is possible to pebble dash or render the entire external area of the house and there are a number of different options available all with varying cost implications.

The most radical would involve the removal of the steel sheeting from the upper elevation of the house and replacing it with a suitable backing board/surface on top of which the render or pebble cast board such as Steni can then be applied.

However if you were considering this level of renovation, perhaps a better option would be the application of External Wall Insulation over which can be applied render in a number of different finishes including pebble dash, rough cut or smooth cut surfaces, or even smooth or brick effect render.

A typical insulation install would cost around £8-£9k and under current the current Green Deal scheme, it would entitle you to a rebate of £4000, however rebate figures are due to change in June of this year. Depending on circumstances there may also be further finance available under the ECO scheme but due to Government changes to the Energy companies obligation, these funds may be limited.

There are of course any number of different cladding systems available should you choose this option, with costs ranging from £2k to £5k+

Insulating the property would also increase value and desirability should you decide to sell again in the future.

I hope this helps


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