I am interested in adding a conservatory. We already have French doors leading out into garden from kitchen. I would like to remove these altogether and have open access by hopefully taking back a small section of exterior wall. Has anyone had any issues with adding a conservator?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi, this may be possible, but it would involve putting in more steelwork so it would be quite a big engineering work. The vertical steel stanchions (columns) that support the house are directly on both sides of each window so the opening cannot easily be enlarged horizontally. Usually in extensions to BISF houses a doorway is simply made where there was a window, of the same width.

Because conservatories are not classed as habitable rooms, as they don’t need to be built to the standard of a habitable room and don’t need the same building controls, they need to be separated from the house by an outside type door to keep the warmth in the house. Therefore it would probably be best to keep the french doors between the house and conservatory.


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