Hi I have just inherited a BISF property and my daughter is living there, I am trying to get buildings and contents insurance however the insurance companies want to know what the property has been built with. It looks the same as all the photos on this site, top half originally metal although it has been pebbledashed. I noticed it said on this site it’s made with a steel frame however I’m unsure of what to put down as “what is it built with” the roof is tiled and this renewed approx 12 years ago so it looks good still. One of the options on insurance sites are “prefabricated non-compbustable” but I’m afraid to guess in case we incur a problem later on and the insurance company refuse any claim due to this. I have tried my local council who originally owned the property (and still own some) however the were most unhelpful and told me to get a surveyor, I have also contacted the Land Registry but they haven’t answered me. The property is in Harrow, can anyone help? Thanks

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In general you should describe the property construction type as prefabricated non-combustible. Even though the house is not strictly prefabricated, upper components of the building are such as the steel panels used to clad the upper portion of the house. You can list the roof type as tile because there is no other option and because you no longer have a corrugated asbestos roof or anything similar.

You may find that some companies won’t cover your property when entering these terms whilst others will. This is not because it’s a BISF house, it’s because some insurers will only insure against brick buildings and no other construction types.

We suggest using a compare style service first to see how many companies are willing to shop around as well as obtaining quotes from some of the smaller companies too.

Finally, before you sign up, give the chosen company a call and make sure they know that the property is a BISF steel framed house. That way, should you require their services at a later date, they can’t say you didn’t describe the property type correctly.

I hope this helps and please let us know how you get on.


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