Hi all,

I’m not sure if other BISF houses had similar door handles and latches on the internal doors but I’m having a big problem replacing mine. It’s a very unusual latch mechanism whereby you can turn the door handle to a vertical position on the inside which locks the door against being opened from the outside.

I can’t find any modern replacement, or even any modern replacement that is short enough to fit into the hole in the door.

Does anyone have any suggestions or even any door handle/latch combinations they don’t need any more? I’m happy to pay for them of course!


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Hi, thanks for your reply!

Here’s a photo of one of the handles, it’s a bit paint covered because I’m repainting the door, and also a photo of the broken latch. The problem I have is that the spindle of the latch is very close to the back of the latch (modern latches are longer), I’ve even taken it to a specialist lock place and they’d never seen anything like it!



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I will be replacing mine in the next few months. The latches are unusual, but not as you describe them, but they are original and so are the handles. Most of them will need the paint taking off.

What do yours look like?

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