Has anybody tried to get equity release on their BISF house? I bought my house without a mortgage earlier this year with the idea that I could probably release some equity to pay for refurbishment and maintenance. However, I have been told today that no finance company will accept a BISF house as they class them together with all post war, supposedly defective construction. Ignorance and prejudice strikes again!

I know many people have had to hunt around to find a company willing to give them a mortgage on a BISF house and I have found there are not many insurance companies who will consider them. But there are some more enlightened banks, etc. around and I wondered if anyone had come across this or had any success?

I’ve not long moved in and generally am very excited and happy to be in my new home. This site was a great support when considering what I would be taking on and I’m sorry my first return back here since moving in is with a tale of woe! 🙂


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(I can’t seem to log in through my usual profile to post at the moment, hence being a ‘guest author”)

Marc and Ed, thanks for your responses. I think a loan / (re) mortgage is probably the best way to go. I will get in touch with Halifax in Bath. I’m going off the idea of equity release anyway – I just thought as I have no heirs it would be a plan, but interest rates are high, I must admit. Maybe in a few more years things will change and some informed attitudes will filter through?


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Hi Felicity, have you tried Halifax? They have offered us further lending on our mortgage which we have with them. I wanted to use this for reroofing and adding solar PV to the roof (the idea being that the money from the solar PV would mostly or even completely cover the repayments, depending on the roof cost).

Logically, if they will accept a BISF house for a mortgage and for further lending, they should for equity release, but I’m not sure if that is how it works. I would contact Simon Foulkes at Halifax Bath, he is very helpful and I know Halifax’s main valuer in the area is familiar with BISF houses too (he did the valuation on our house and on yours when its previous owners bought it about four years ago).

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Hello Felicity and welcome back.
Equity release is not something I have experience with personally but as far as i am aware, if your house is mortgageable,which it obviously is, then I see no reason why you can’t release a portion of the equity held within.
I would suspect though, as with non-standard construction lenders like Santander etc, you may have to root an out an equity release lender willing to consider a non standard BISF property. I don’t mean to state the obvious of course but your search may well be challenging.

There is certainly no reason why the BISF house should be grouped along with post war defective properties so perhaps it may just be the view of one lender or financial advisor, at least that’s what I hope.

With a little luck, our readers may be able to offer some assistance but your question will certainly be one to watch.

The only other avenue might be a loan secured against the house itself through Santander or Halifax as I have heard that some equity release schemes can be pretty expensive.

Please keep us updated as your search progresses.


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