Hi,I am looking into an extension on the back of my BISF house. I have seen that there are examples of open plan living areas with the stantions in the middle of the house remaining as pillars. Is this possible to achieve between the kitchen/ dining room and a rear extension? my plan would be to cut down the current windows. I would leave the 2 end ‘panels’ either side of the house with the cross bracing as walls but was hoping to open up the rest of the wall. I understand I would be left with 2 posts exposed ( the middle stantions between the 2 windows) with a ~1m, ~1m and ~2m gaps? Is there any steelwork running along the base that would prevent flooring between the rear of the house and an extension? Thanks in advance
Hadyn (Bath)

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Hi Haydn, good to see someone else from Bath here! I can see no problem with this idea as the wall below the windows doesn’t contain any structural elements, but I hear it is rather tough to cut through. One thing to consider is that the upstairs cladding and the rails it is bolted to come down below the level of the downstairs ceiling, so you may only be able to open it up to the height of the top of the window.

Talking of stanchions, I’ll have to post some photos of how I’ve taken out the fireplace and the wall between the living room and dining room to leave the stanchion exposed. The stanchions next to the windows are a bit bigger but still not very big, so you could get a nice open plan effect.


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