Hi all
I’m in the process of buying a bisf house in Bath and was wondering if anyone can give me details of any local tradesmen that have experience in bisf house external insulation and render in the area
Hope you can help

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Hi Hurdey, I’m glad Kathy could help, she is very good I think!

I asked them to install the new boiler in the loft to save space in the house itself. They said this was OK provided the loft has a fixed lighting system, a boarded floor and a fixed ladder (which it does). The plan is for it to be installed on the gable wall, vented out horizontally. I have already installed the pipework up there (apart from the gas pipe, which I’m not qualified to do) as I’ve been redoing the bathroom and been putting a radiator in the small bedroom, which did not have one originally.

So I’ve taken the central heating main flow and return pipes up inside the airing cupboard to the loft and then across the loft under the boards and insulation (stop them from freezing!) to the gable end. From there I’ve dropped some pipes down inside the wall between the small bedroom and stairwell for a radiator under the two built in drawers in the small bedroom, and also inside the wall between the bathroom and landing for a heated towel rail in the bathroom. I’ll make a proper post about this sometime.

Probably the most common place for a new boiler is in the airing cupboard that houses the hot water cylinder as that is right next to all the original pipework. I think this is what Somer (now Curo) have done. However I’d rather have both built in cupboards free in the main bedroom.

I don’t think the kitchen is ideal as it doesn’t have that much storage space to start with so I’d be reluctant to sacrifice one of the cupboards for a boiler. Outhouse is fine in itself, but it’s quite far from the original pipework so would probably involve more work and a lot of surface-mounted pipes in the house which can be unsightly.


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Hi and welcome. Good to see someone else from Bath here! I don’t have any direct suggestions for EWI installers, but the council are offering a Green Deal top up grant of up to £7000 at the moment. It may now have ended, but I would give Kathy Tate a call as soon as possible on 01225 477528 to see if it is still open for new applications. The website is http://www.energyathome.org.uk. Originally the deadline was 15 March for the works to be completed, but this has been pushed back as the whole process has been slower than expected. If you go through the scheme, they put you in touch with installers (or you can choose your own). I am hopefully getting a grant for replacing our back boiler through this.


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    • 3 years ago

    Thanks Ed
    I've been in touch with kathy and she was very helpful I am now in the system and waiting to be contacted when the new grants come out.
    I am also going to replace back boiler where are you thinking of putting your combi I have seen a few in the kitchen and one at the back of outhouse which i might do.
    thanks for your help

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