Hello, I’am Steve
The green dial installer that I am talking to is trying to sell me external wall insulation and solar panels.
Do you know can you just have the walls done and still get the top rate grant.

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Hello mark
Thank you for getting back to me. I think I will look at getting the external walls insulated and forget abut the solar panels.
The walls will give me warmth and less heating cost, etc. Straight away.
Solar panels are a long term investment and you do not get the benefits straight away.

Thanks Steve

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Hello Steve
Having external wall insulation and solar panels installed will be very expensive even with the maximum amount of Green Deal Cash-back.

The maximum amount of cash-back is £7600 when you choose multiple items.

The maximum amount of cash-back for External Insulation is £6000 leaving you only £1,600 toward the cost of Solar Panels.

Solar panels themselves can be very expensive so in reality £1,600 towards the cost of these will not go very far.

It is more cost effective for you to just choose EWI with the £6000 cash-back +£100 toward your Green Deal assessment and if you have lived in your house for less than 1 year, you are entitled to an extra £500 cash-back bonus.

I would seriously consider the extra cost involved in choosing Solar Panels and and also check if your roof is south facing for maximum sun exposure.

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