Hi, I want to form a door opening at ground floor in the flank wall of my house. I want to access the side extension from the bottom of the stair case. I note from the photos on this site that there is a raking support in this structural bay. Has anyone done such a thing and is it possible to alter the structural support at this point without affecting the lateral stability of the frame?

Also can anyone recommend a structural engineer in the Epping/London area familiar with BISF construction?

Thank you

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Yes its been done… I’ve done it, and have seen a few pictures where it has been done in others. However I will say I am not a structural engineer nore did I consult with one, I did so with blissful ignorance on the basic premise the steel structure was build to withstand high force winds by itself, so the addition in my case of a concrete block outhouse should only add to this support.

The ranking support you mention is a cross beam, provided to provide support from swaying and movement, these continue further up in each corner. Removing this is simply two bolts, and in my case the brace was relatively loose and simply providing no purpose at the time of removal anyway.

Again whether it will affect the lateral stability of the frame in the long run I could not say and would suggest you consult with a structural engineer in the first instance. You could as an alternative create your own brace to run horizontally above the door line connecting the corner beam to the nearest beam as the current “\” diagonal one does but in a more direct form, which would give you space for the door as well as provide extra support.

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