We have just found the home of our dreams… a beautifully cared for detached bungalow half way up a hill close to the most idyllic beach. It has been decorated and maintained to a really high standard and is absolutely wonderfully perfect for us … but after putting in our offer we now find that the house has a steel frame.

The Estate agent advise that the house was under offer previously and the survey undertaken by the previous potential purchases was without problem but that the purchase fell through because the chain for the buyers collapsed.
The Estate Agent have also provided us with a survey report provided by the Seller to prospective purchasers and we have copied it below.. We really hope that we can have your expert knowledge on the bungalow and that you might help us to make sense of the survey report. We were going to get a full survey done which would cost £800 but would the advice be to just get a standard cheap mortgage valuation undertaken and then have a more specific invasive survey undertaken?

We had applied for a mortgage and now are also worried that the lender may not consider this a safe lend.
Many thanks for any advice, support, help or information that you can offer.
With very grateful thanks
Kazzy x

” xxx is a well presented bungalow, the original parts of which are built in a steel framed system, clad both externally and internally with blockwork. The roof is pitched and to the original parts, the pitched roof frame is formed in steel lattice beams clad with interlocking concrete tiles laid over underfelt. I believe that the property was originally built in the mid to late 1960’s. There is an extension to the property, which is of entirely traditional construction. The walls are rendered cavity blockwork, surmounted by a pitched roof, clad with interlocking concrete tiles, laid over modern underfelt.

Typically, steel framed dwellings suffer from two specific issues. Firstly, and especially in exposed locations, the steel frame can corrode, and second, the steel is often protected by asbestos based products which in some instances can have significant health and safety/value implications.
In this instance neither condition is apparent: The steel wall frame and roof frame appears entirely satisfactory, with only minor scale build up noted. The steelwork is protected by a priming coat which is generally intact. There is no significant rust. I did not perform the invasive test recommended by the BRE but have no reason to suspect that if this test were performed, any significant defect would be found. I state this with confidence as the identically built next door property has been stripped out ready to refurbish and the steel frame is readily visible and is clearly in generally satisfactory condition, despite being significantly less cared for than xxx. Equally, I found no evidence to suggest that there is a significant presence of asbestos.
The conventionally built extension appears satisfactory in all respects.

There is evidence of some slight movement to the paths and steps to the rear. It is immediately apparent that this is not related to the structural form of the main dwelling and is the result of gentle settlement within the garden area. No structural implications to the main structure ensue”

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Hello Kazzbuzz
Apologies but it does appear that your question has remained unanswered, possibly due to many of our readers having little knowledge of the specific type of bungalow that your were viewing.

By all intent it does seem like you had a glowing report from the surveyors with no major structural implications.
Providing you chose the right mortgage provider who was willing to lend on steel framed dwellings such as the Halifax, I wouldn’t foresee any problems with your purchase.

Let us know how you got on and what you decided to do in the end.

Once again apologies for the very long delay in responding but it does appear that your question may have slipped through the net.



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