I have just tried to insure our BISF house with Home Protect and they have asked us for a structural engineers or a home buyers report, both of which we don’t have. This means us paying out money on top of the insurance. Has anyone else had similar problems with Home Protect?????

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what exturnal insulation is available to wrap the house in

  • victor castle answered 3 years ago
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does a howard house still come under bisf?

  • Ed (Senior Member)

    Hi, no a Howard house is a different type of steel framed house. I believe it was designed by the same architect as the BISF house but was not built by the British Iron and Steel Federation and used some more novel methods such as asbestos cladding for the walls. Often though any type of steel framed house is incorrectly identified as BISF.

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Hello Pauline
Welcome to BISF House, oddly enough this is the second time this week that we have heard of HomeProtect asking for surveys or imposing other conditions before they will provide a quote.

Prior to this we have never heard or been told of any problems regarding HomeProtect insurance.

We have written to HomeProtect asking for an explanation as to why these conditions are suddenly being imposed but to date we have not had a response.

Take a look at the post provided in the link below by Simon, one of our members, he also had a similar response from HomeProtect but he found an alternative quote from GSI Insurance which he is very happy with.


I shall provide an update from Homeprotect as soon as we receive a response but until then I am removing their link from our website as we do not agree that BISF owners should be asked to provide a survey prior to obtaining insurance.

Best regards


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