We are in the process of buying an End of Terrace Hills Presweld property. It is a 1950 Hills Steel Frame with Brick build. The mortgage lender has agreed to lend money on this property. However I have been trying to find more information online on this particular type of property and there isn’t any available as such. I also contacted BRE for more information, however they dont entertain inquiries from individuals.

I have asked for a Homebuyer’s survey on the property, which is due at the end of the month. In the meantime, wondering if anyone can help me with more information and specifically with below:

1. Is this type of construction suitable & durable in the long-term, i.e. for 200 – 250 years?

2. What would a typical wall structure / composition of layers be?

3. Is cavity insulation for retaining heat possible in these properties and would the Government scheme cover it for free / discounted insulation?

4. How energy efficient are these properties?

5. What are the risks of deterioration in the structure?

6. Can traditional brick & mortar extensions / loft conversions be added to these kind of properties?

7. Would these properties sell at a discount as compared to a traditionally constructed property? If yes, how much would it typically be discounted by?

Hope someone has answers to at least some of these!


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Thanks Marc. Apologies, as am new to your site and ended up posting in two places, but only checking one for an answer 🙂

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Hi Jaimin
You have posted this question in two places.

Please visit http://bisfhouse.com/info-on-hills-presweld-house/

To see the answer to your earlier post.

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