I work for a local authority in Oxfordshire and I’m trying to help a resident find a company to install external wall insulation and uPVC cladding on the first floor of their BISF property. I’m struggling to find companies who carry out this type of work and who specialise in BISF properties. I’d appreciate any recommendations. Thank you.

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Hi, If you just want plastic cladding; I just had a flyer through my door for http://www.capitalupvccladding.com I have recently emailed them and they are quick to respond. Its not thermal insulation but it does tidy the top up and means you dont have to paint it.

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Hi we currently have funding available but are looking for larger scale projects both private and social and mixed if required.

Please contact me 07415879169


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Hello Cynthia

You say that you client would like external insulation and UPVC cladding.
Generally speaking the UPVC panels that you see on the top of peoples houses don’t contain any insulation at all and that was the old way that people used to change the exterior look of their homes as it was pretty easy to install with an average cost of around £2000.
Your client would have been better off having external insulation fitted under the government funded Green Deal scheme which sadly ended abruptly this month following an announcement from Energy Secretary Amber Rudd.
The scheme provided a considerable grant toward the overall cost of having external insulation fitted.

Typically, the installation would have cost around £8500 (prices do vary), with the government paying a large portion of this. I say large portion because early last year, the grant provided £6000+ toward the cost of the installation but due to huge demand, the amount of the grant had been reduced to around the £4000 mark.

The new Energy Secretary Amber Rudd has stated that the scheme has closed due to “low take up”, yet the demand for external insulation was huge, so something is awry with that comment.
She does state that she will be looking into new ways of providing a better service to homeowners, but when this will be is anyones guess.

I would recommend that you contact the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) on 0300 060 4000 or Energy Savings Advice Service on 0300 123 1234 (England) as they will be able to provide you with the latest update of the scheme.

Alternatively, your client would have to fund the full cost of the installation which could range from £6,000 to£12,000 as sadly, the Green Deal Scheme did appear to push up the price of this product as installers aimed to make as much profit as possible. Prior to the scheme, we had heard of installations costing as little as £4000.

I hope this helps


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