Hi All,
I do a lot of work on the BISF houses in Stoke on Trent and most of the internal walls are stud and plasterboard. Last week I came across some that seemed to be some sort of insulation board, around 2 1/2 ” thick which seems to be made from compressed timber shreddings about the size of paper shredded in an office shredder, this is plastered on top of it. These are all the internal leaf of external walls. I’ve got to fix some wall cupboards to these walls and I wondered if anyone knows what these boards are. They do take a screw but I’m not sure how strong the fixing is.
David Harvey

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Hello David
It sounds like you may be describing fibre board or some of the early insulation panels that were constructed out of a compressed fibre or even compressed straw.

Can you upload a photo to aid with identification please?

Also take a look at this image from Dentons bedroom renovation post. I don’t think this is what you are describing but it gives you an idea of the varying types of materials used from property to property.
Dentons Project The full post is here Dentons dressing room project

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