hi, admin, hi all, my name is Mario, and I just joined this amazing site, just wanted to introduce myself.
I will be moving into my bisf house, in a weeks time, I have had drawings done to extend the rear , under permitted development , I will be going out 3 metres, its two storey so I will keep 2 metres in from any boundary, I hope to finish up with a 4 bedroom with en suit, and large kitchen/diner. I will be happy to share photos along the way , and no doubt be fishing for info from you guys too,
anyway, ill keep you posted,
take care all

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Mario, sounds great, I am in the process of buying one now. It has anaglypta on all the walls papered straight onto the fibre board.
I want to know can the fibre board be plastered over after the removal of the wallpaper? Have you done any work. Like this and what were your experiences. I just in the process of sorting the kitchen and bathroom plans out . The soil pipe is a nuisance is there a possibility of space to run pipe work behind the soil pipe for a washing machine drain.


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I hope you will i have similar plans for my house so it would be great to see how it goes

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