hi, ive just put in a claim for external wall cladding, (march 16th) using the government green deal scheme,
can you advise me on how long it normally takes before you are informed of any decision,

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Hi Powell
Firstly, congratulations on getting your claim is early, as we believe that funds will run out very quickly as this may be the last time funds are available from the GDHIF if we have a change of government after the general election.
In most circumstances you should receive an e-mail from DECC anytime within the next three weeks depending on demand.
We have in the past applied for funding for several properties and in most cases we had a response within 10 days, so I’m afraid its just a case of sit tight and wait for the e-mail to arrive which will contain your voucher number and secured funding for your application.

The e-mail will usually appear as per the example below and contain an attachment which will be your voucher.

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    • 3 years ago

    Dear Powell / Admin,

    First of all I would like to say how fantastic it is that I have stumbled across a website for owners / tenants of BISF houses. I have lived in a Steel frame house for eight years without realising it was a BISF house. Now that I have found the online support network that exists, I feel a sense of real camaraderie between dwellers. Great!!!

    Excuse my naivety, How do you go about submitting a claim / grant or assistance with installing external cladding to improve insulation??

    Yours Sincerely,


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