Hi Everyone,
Me and my girlfriend have recently bought a BISF house in Bath and are in the (long) process of doing it up. I’ve looked around the website a lot both before ad after the purchase for advise and its been very helpful. One of the things I intend to do is replace the porch on the front of the house and replace the upper cladding. I think I need to do both at a similar time to avoid issues down the line. I have thought about various different options for replacing the cladding – overcovering with new pvc, overcovering with timber, EWI systems and even potentially building a single skin block wall. EWI systems are generally expensive and I have insulated between and over the stud anyway so am well insulated. I had a thought today that perhaps I could just lath and render the upper floor like the ground floor? Does anyone know if this has been done before? Any advise anyone has would be useful!


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Here’s a link to a EWI Timelapse video.

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Hi Hadyn, I haven’t personally heard of anyone using lathe and render to clad the upper and lower elevations of a BISF house myself but that’s not to say it can’t be done.

I do know that a lot of the commercial companies use Steni Board which is available in a variety of finishes including natural stone dash effects. Steni boards are panels which can be fixed to the exterior of the house giving a look very similar to render or dash. I’ve included a link below.

Steni Brochure PDF

You would need approach the company for costings though as I don’t have any up to date figures.

If you are capable of installing a render system though Hadyn, I don’t think you would have any trouble fitting an EWI system as once the insulation boards and starter trims have been screwed onto the house, the polystyrene boards are then covered with a rough slurry coat that sets rock hard onto which the Acrylic render or dash coat is applied. Of course there are a few more bits and pieces that are required but on a DIY basis, the cost should be much, much lower than what a specialist company would quote.

I’ve also seen good use of timber cladding if you prefer a more traditional look but I have seen a big move away from UPVC cladding over the past few years, not least because it can become very dirty or stained over time.

I think if you saw how relatively easy it is to install EWI despite the fact you have already insulated your house, you’d be quite surprised.

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