Hi guys
I’m Just in the planing stage of a loft conversion on what I initially thought was a BISF house with steel roof trusses but I’ve since been told by admin that my house is actually a Atholl (1945) Steel Framed House.

Part of the roof truss-work does look very similar and I’m posting this question in the hope of finding further information on this type of house and also to get into contact with anyone who owns a similar property or who has any experience with loft conversions.

I’ve also included a couple of images of my roof space.

[caption id="attachment_20596" align="alignleft" width="300"]Atholl Roof Space Inside look of Atholl steel framed house roof trusses.[/caption]

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Hi and welcome! That does look rather similar in basic structure to the roof of a BISF house. The differences I notice are that there are more roof trusses and they are made of angle steel bolted together rather than factory-welded tubular steel.

The first and obvious question (apologies if you’ve already looked into this) is is there sufficient room for a loft conversion? In a BISF house there definitely isn’t – I’m about 1.75 m tall and cannot stand upright in my loft even right under the apex. There will be be legal height requirements but you should be able to tell whether it’s a complete non-starter. Your loft does look taller than a BISF house, but it still looks rather low.

The second thing I’d look at is how the roof structure is supported. In a BISF house it’s entirely supported by the perimeter walls via the trusses, which I’d say would make a loft conversion impractical as there are no internal walls to support it if you take out or weaken the trusses.


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