Hi, me and my husband are about to view a property tomorrow which I have been told by the estate agent is a BISF house. So was a little worried whether we would be able to get a mortgage for it, we currently have a mortgage offer enough to cover the property from Halifax but have not told them about this property yet. Also the property is also covered with ivy so was wondering if this would also cause more problems with the metal structure underneath. Plus also I heard that a structural survey would need to be carried out. Do you know how much that would cost as we don’t have much savings as hoping to sort deposit from the sell of my husbands flat.

  • Christine Williams asked 3 years ago
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Hi Christine and welcome
Many of our members have obtained mortgages with Halifax and no problems at all.
The problem usually arises when an inexperienced surveyor turns up to survey the house with little or no knowledge of the construction type, so if possible, be sure to ask for a surveyor who is familiar with this type of property as otherwise they can submit inaccurate and misleading information that may lead to the application being rejected.

Other than that, you should face no more problems than you would buying a brick house. I would recommend a structural survey on any house you buy be it standard or non-standard construction. Surveys can vary depending on the type and should it need to be invasive.

T do not have any current figures to hand but I would expect a cost of between £300 & £500 as a guess but it could be more.

Before you start though, ask Halifax for a current copy of its lending criteria, as this will state if they are still lending of BISF properties.
I presume that they are but it is always worth checking and if they say yes, you could ask for written confirmation before you proceed.

Take a look at this older post here http://bisfhouse.com/has-any-one-got-a-mortgage-in-20122013-on-bisf-houce/

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