I would really like to take advantage of the discounted price i am being offered my council house for. Unfortunately because it is classed as defective, it has been extremely difficult to obtain a mortgage.
The name of the construction of the property is Boswell in wolverhampton. The estate where my home is is presently managed by the community, although in the past few years the wrecking council have worked hard and successfully secured a loan to purchase the estate from wolverhampton council.
Naturally investigations were done in order to secure the loan. Which revealed the houses were in such a condition that they would be still standing for a number of years to come.
So with all that said would my house be considered to be mortgageable by yourselves.

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Hello Trish500
As you rightly state, Boswell Houses are designated as defective under the housing act and this includes all non-repaired Boswell houses irrelevant of their current structural condition.

Any with any house that is designated defective, it is virtually impossible to obtain a mortgage on the property unless it has undergone a full structural repair under an approved PRC repair scheme wherby a certificate is issued to prove that the required remedial work has been carried out. Only when a certificate of compliance is obtained, would the property be deemed suitable for mortgage lending purposes by some lenders.

You may find that your own Council may have a scheme that will allow you to buy the property or you could insist that the Council undertakes the required repair work prior to you making an offer on the property.

In the past there were government schemes available which would have paid for the repair for you but these grants have now ceased, however, the Council may be able to obtain funding for the work from other grants that are available to them but not the public.

Sadly we ourselves do not offer mortgages services for any property.

Try contacting http://www.prc-repair.co.uk/ they may be able to offer you a little more advice specific to PRC properties.



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