Does anyone have a link of drawings or photos of the window detail of a BISF house. I want to replace some PVCu replacements and without ripping the window out first it’s difficult to work out what was there originally.

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Hi and welcome Tony. Originally BISF houses were fitted with steel-framed windows. They were slightly unusual in that although the house has three window sizes (the large square living room window, the landscape dining room and main bedroom windows, and the portrait kitchen, landing, bathroom and small bedroom windows) only two types of frame were used. The landscape format windows simply had two sets of frames next to each other, the same as the portrait windows, separated by a vertical bar. Usually when the windows are replaced this bar is removed as it has no other function.

There are not many BISF houses left with the original windows. Normally if replacing with PVC the new windows have fewer glazing bars than the old ones, because the PVC is much thicker than the steel so there wouldn’t be much glass in the window if you used the same arrangement.

The windows are screwed directly into the galvanised window surrounds with the back of the frame flush with the back of the surround and the back of the wooden window reveal.

Hope this helps!


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