Hello All,

Been visiting this website for some time now, however first time I am asking a question.

I have been sent a list of companies by the Energy Saving trust so we can arrange to get a Green Deal assessment for our home, but can anyone who already has a Green Deal assessment recommend companies that are used to dealing with BISF houses ???

Any help would be gratefully received, by the way Fantastic Website keep up the good work :0)

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Thanks Marc, great reply I will let you know how we get on :0)

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Hello Martin

Welcome aboard to the BISF House community and thank you for you kind comments, it’s always great to have new members with us.

You’re right to ask if anyone knows of assessors with knowledge of BISF Houses as experience and e-mails to us have shown that many assessors have never stepped foot into a BISF house before, let alone knowledge of the wall construction and lack of insulation within.

In mild defence of assessors though, a GDAR assessment is more about the assessor inputting your current energy usage and documenting your current energy devices and measures in order to recommend improvements that can be funded under the Green Deal Scheme. They may look at your boiler for example and ask its age to determine how efficient it is and if an upgrade is needed to help your home become more efficient. They may look at your windows to see if they are double glazed or your loft insulation to see if it meets the required thickness etc.

When it has been identified that something could benefit from being upgraded, it is listed as a recommended measure and with most properties this is fine as it is easy for the assessor to add these items onto the report via the software he uses.

Surprise surprise though, as a problem often arises when the assessor tries to input External Wall Insulation when the house is of Non-traditional construction, like a BISF house. The software doesn’t easily allow for the assessor to add EWI as a recommended measurewhich is vital if you are to secure funding for EWI. In effect an experienced assessor has to force EWI onto the report but sadly many are not always sufficiently trained enough to do so, hence the volume of e-mails we receive about this very issue.

We have spoken to to Elmhurst and Stroma, two of the main software providers and they are now fully aware of this issue. The assessor has only to contact the software support line and he will be instructed on how to enter EWI correctly.

As for experienced assessors, I can only suggest contacting the sustainable group on Freephone 0808 1687260. They have a wealth of experience with BISF installations and may well be able to provide an experienced assessor for you. Just make sure you mention us when you call them.

Remember though Martin, if you can persuade several of your neighbours to take part in the scheme at the same time, you are likely to obtain a much cheaper quote than you would having just one house insulated. We have seen savings of up to £3000 per property, so it is well worth considering.

I must also add, and this is very important. The response the new Green Deal funding has been huge ( with unscrupulous companies playing their part too) and only yesterday the initial funding level put aside by the Government was exceeded.

The question on the Green Deal providers lips right now, is how long will this amount of funding last and could the government suddenly put the brakes on new applications?

The answer to this is currently unknown, but my advice would be to get your Green Deal Assessment booked ASAP, so that you can then secure your funding voucher which has a lifespan of 6 months for EWI. If you don’t get your voucher soon, there is a chance you may miss out on this amazing cash-back opportunity.

It’s not set in stone though, just whispers from those in the industry but it’s better to be safe than sorry in my opinion, but who knows, there may not be a funding problem at all, time will tell.

Let us know how you get on and good luck


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