Hello all,

Has anyone out there had there roof replaced? i.e. the asbestos sheeting removed and a man made slate roof installed as apose to the lightweight products available like Metrotile?

I have found information that the Trafford Tile profile asbestos sheeting weighs in at around 15kg per square metre, and our local council have encapsulated it with a lightweight roofing system like Metrotile, this weighs around 6kg per square metre.

Modern man made slates are about 20kg per square metre.

To be honest I’m wondering why I cannot remove the asbestos sheet safely and replace with timbers and slate.

Any advice would be appreciated

thank you in advance

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Hi Marc,

Thank you very much for your helpful answer.

I don’t mind the Metrotile system, but after the council have over clad a large amount of houses in our area, I was after spendin a lot of time and effort on my extension, wanting the roof to look slightly different from others.

I am not familiar with Tapco slate, and will certainly be taking a look.

To be honest Marc, I’m not keen on overcladding and would feel better with asbestos removed, Im sure this would help also if ever I was to sell my jumbo house :), technically the asbestos removal isn’t a mission, more the safety factor and obviously the EA licence and correct disposal.

Thank you for that information I will most definitely make contact with Hugh


  • will

    you need to sorce decra tiles that's what council used when they upgraded BISF houses in bath although was pre 1996

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Hello codge01

You pose an interesting question :0)

When looking for a replacement roof for a bisf house, weight is always the most fundamental issue.

Standard clay or concrete roof tiles must never be installed on a BISF house as there frame is simply not built to withstand such a high load. There have been several cases reported to us where such tiles have been installed by unscrupulous builders or certain members of the travelling fraternity. In these cases the roofs actually sagged to the point of near collapse causing many thousands of pounds worth of damage and should be avoided at all costs.

I have heard of cases where the old asbestos cladding has been overclad, presumably to save money on asbestos removal and disposal costs but this is not a practice that we codone. Original asbestos roofing panels are now coming very close to thier end of life stage and overcladding is not generally considering to be the safest option particularly when access is still required into the loft space.

I do not have any data sheets at present regarding the original weight of the asbestos panels but but 15kg does seem pretty high. Steel roofing systems typically come in aroung 6-7kg as you rightly say but when laid the total weight can increase to between 9 and 11kg due to overlap etc.

There are also plastic lightweight grey slate tiles (Tapco) that offer another lightweight solution at around 12kg er square metre.

Consider that 1000 slate tiles can weigh an average of 4.7 – 6.5 tons. Concrete pan tiles can weigh between 55kg and 78kg m2 and clay around 67kg which equates to around 1.1 tons per 1000, effectively the weight of a small car sitting on the roof or almost 4 small cars if certain slate tiles were to be used.
We know that steel roofing systems are tried and tested and they offer strength and longevity.

I would suggest giving our friend Hugh McLaughlin a call at Britmet Tileform or drop him an e-mail at [email protected]

Hugh will be able to advise you of your best option and confirm if overcladding really is an option.

I hope this helps



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