Hi all,

I am new here, so glad I found this as there is lots of useful information.

I am looking to take down the wall between hall and lounge if I can. I’m not sure though if this is a supporting wall. I have been told by some you can take down pretty much anything and others say it could be supporting.

How can I tell if it’s a supporting wall, don’t want it falling down on us lol

I have taken down boards to remove flue can see some steel work there between lounge and dining room…

Any advice be so grateful x

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Hello Darcieuk

Providing your house is a BISF House, there are no supporting walls inside. So you can safely remove the wall between your hall and living room.

As for the wall between the living and dining room, this wall is also non supporting but there are two vertical stanchions that run down from the first floor to the ground floor that cannot be removed.

The walls surrounding the stanchions can also be removed but you must leave the stanchions in place. They can be covered to create pillars as shown below.

The first image shows one of the two stanchions after the surrounding wall has been removed.

The second image shows a living room after the hall facing wall has been removed.

The last image shows the inner structure of a pair of houses. You will see located in the middle of the floor space, four vertical stanchions of which two are located inside each half of the build.

I hope this helps


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